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Say Hello to Tosa, an Android app that essentially removes long Ecocash, OneMoney and Telecash USSD codes.

A little app that might make your life a whole lot easier..

USSD codes and phone numbers for mobile money platforms like Ecocash and OneMoney are still an inconvenience most of us feel we don’t need to have, yet despite there being apps made to deal with that, most only work for Ecocash and somehow most of us still don’t seem to use them. Well we actually think you should , and in that vein would definitely like to introduce you to Tosa Money, the latest app aiming to bring simplicity and ease of use to using Ecocash, OneMoney and even Telecash in a future update.

Created by Tatenda Zifudzi and Marshall Chabanga, Tosa is and simple and reliable alternative to using and saving multiple USSD codes and phone numbers for all your mobile money transactions, instead giving you a clean user interface where only the most vital of details have to be entered and your pin for transactions to be completed. The app also keeps a record of your transactions as well as gives you the ability to create customizable shortcuts (e.g. bills to pay or a number you constantly send number to) and has all these features work for essentially all three mobile money platforms. It currently allows users to send money, check balances, pay billers,cashout and buy airtime and electricity, along with banking services as well. Features like paying merchants are still in development but should appear soon, while buying bundles is also another feature coming in a later update. What’s impressive still is that this app offers this ease of use and a quality feel with so far no ads or even the need for an internet connection except for the first time you set it up(which you could do with even less than a dollar of non-bundle airtime as it seems to just be a single ping).
The fact that it’s also made with phones with multiple sims in mind definitely helps with the using both Ecocash and OneMoney as well and we will say hands down while there’s a lot of Ecocash based apps out there, there aren’t enough multi-platform apps like this one and ones that work so well too. We’ll be keeping an eye on Tosa through the coming weeks and even try to use it on Telecash of all things if possible. But frankly speaking, if you’re looking for a quick way to do away wit USSD codes for whatever mobile money platform you use, this app might be it.
Tell us anything you may want us to know about Tosa in the comments or on our social media channels. For more local app coverage, stay right here at TZP.

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