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Sony is Finally Unveiling the PS5 Next week on June 4. Will the console be enough to win fans over?

Well, let’s see what you’ve got Sony

Sony seems to finally be letting the cat out of the bag with the PS5, announcing an event for the “Future of Gaming” scheduled for next week Thursday and already the internet is getting geared up to see what the new console will bring.
We’ve been analyzing and yes, criticizing Sony’s marketing strategy for the PS5 , mentioning how Microsoft seems to be dominating the mindshare for next gen consoles especially among hardcore gamers by abandoning the normal approach of being discrete about a new console until it’s unveiling event, instead revealing the Xbox Series X almost a year early and constantly feeding hungry gamers information over the past few months. Sony has however remained mostly traditional, though they did let some information like the console’s specs slip and that hasn’t always worked out well for them as those moves were more retaliatory rather than well planned out. In fact right now Sony is unveiling a console that seems less impressive than the Series X from a raw power perspective, and next week’s event is their chance to remind gamers exactly why they were rooting for the PS5 in the first place. Chances are they’ll knock it out the park, after all Sony still has its one biggest strength: exclusive AAA games, and while Microsoft seems to be coming after them in that front too, the company can seemingly leverage that to gain some ground in this upcoming console war.
So far Godfall and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are the only confirmed PS5 games. Fans are waiting for exclusives next week.
And to call it a console war might be a stretch , as while back here for now the fight really might be PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X, in developed markets that fight is also being joined by game-streaming services, the hybrid , do-everything Nintendo switch, and even mobile gaming as either game-streaming clients or a juggernaut version of gaming all of it’s own. In fact , as we’ve mentioned before, Microsoft definitely sees this shift and wants to adapt to it as much as possible, It’s Xcloud gamestreaming service keeps ramping up for a big launch with so far positive reviews of its performance, it’s working with Nintendo to explore streaming capabilities for the Switch, and despite being technologically superior, the Xbox Series X is doing the opposite of Sony’s strategy for the first year, having it’s games also work on the Xbox One, which of course brings some disappointment in terms of game optimization for the Series X, but it makes Xbox fans feel more encouraged to invest in the Xbox ecosystem in the long run, which hasn’t had to be the case in past console generations. In fact, ironically enough, despite Sony’s event being tagged “The Future of Gaming” it’s clear Sony seems disconnected from the current trajectory that seems to be leading to that future, and hence the company that won this current console generation, now has a lot to prove in the next one. Here’s to hoping they do it.

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