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Here’s College Central’s New YouTube channel, with re-uploaded Wadiwa Wepamoyo episodes.

A sadder outcome but with a bright side to it..

College Central, creators of Wadiwa Wepamoyo have moved to a new YouTube after their original account and channel were hacked and taken over last week Friday. We reported on the hack and how it robbed College Central of their subscribers, uploaded episodes and likely their monetization status as well. After making their plight known on Twitter it seems even YouTube’s support team reached out to them but it seems control of the account couldn’t be regained or regained in time as College Central instead decided to create a new account and new YouTube channel that you can go to by clicking here or going to the following link :
This comes during the same week that Wadiwa Wepamoyo is officially being picked up by ZBC, which is a notable achievement and can definitely spur the show in front of more Zimbabwean eyes , which we reckon is exactly what College Central or any creator in their position would want. It’s a relieving outcome after the hacking incident, which seems to be part of a growing trend of Zimbabwean social media influencers, artists and online content creators being hacked. In fact just this week it two official government websites were hacked by the group W4riok, adding to our speculation last week that there is definitely a rising amount of focus on Zimbabwe’s internet activity for cyber-criminals and hackers, meaning there’s a serious need for Zimbabweans to increase their internet protection even with simple tools such as two factor authentication for starters. Whether this focus is going to pass or something here to stay is yet to be seen, but we definitely will need to be ready either way, and hopefully we will be.

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