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This video about why smartphones are so expensive these days puts things into perspective

You’ll learn some things you’ll like, and some things you won’t…

Smartphones have become a necessity in modern life these days, and continue to advance each year in ways we love (and sometimes don’t). But one factor about them that keeps advancing that most of us don’t want to: the price. Smartphones have been steadily increasing in price over the last decade, but in the past 3 years they jumped the gun from flagship devices that were around USD $600-800 to $1000 phones in the USA that come to be up to double that price back here. Simply put: smartphones cost way too much now, but at least the video above explains why, both from a market ad company perspective, and from a technological standpoint of the advancements and enhancements smartphones gain over the years .
A key factor I like that it brings up is that while flagship , top of the line phones definitely cost a fortune now, they aren’t necessarily what counts for a good phone anymore, in fact with the increased investment in the smartphone industry, you could probably buy a phone that does everything you need for even a quarter of the price. In fact, anyone who still buys an iPhone 7 or 8 today, even a used one, could probably benefit from a faster, more capable and brand new android phone from this year that could cost as low as $200. As advanced technology features trickles down, so does its accessibility, and that’s arguably the one benefit of high end phones even getting more expensive and becoming luxury items.
You’re likely to pick up on a few of your own interesting tidbits from the video, be it the distribution costs (which is why smartphones cost so much here) , or the marketing costs (which are sometimes absurd) and everything else that goes into making and selling a smartphone, and why the high end ones at least keep costing an arm and a leg. Maybe this will change soon, but until it does, it’s best you at least get a good look as to why this current market works the way it does.

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