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Check out some final Gameplay footage for the PS4’s Ghost of Tsushima just before it gets released.

PS4 Swansong Part 1/2………

We’ve said this a million times now, but exclusive games are pretty much the biggest reason the PS4 stayed on top of the current console generation and buried the Xbox One in sales. So much so that even as the current console generation essentially winds down Sony still has two more exclusives to release and arguably the biggest ones yet in The Last of Us Part II and today’s gameplay showcase: The Samurai based Ghost of Tsushima.
Developed by Sucker Punch Studios, Ghost definitely seems to be aiming to be a game that recreates as much immersiveness as possible into it’s setting and time period, with this rendition of Japan after the Mongol invasion seeming true to life but also beautiful and captivating as well. The gameplay on show on the video above emphasizes precisely timed combat, stealth in certain sections and an open world guided by the elements and visual cues to help players realize were they should go next. The distinction between playing during the day or the night matters too, with daylight battles seemingly being more dependent on a player’s actual skill with the protagonist’s sword while night time play turns into an Assassin’s Creed-esque stealth-kill mode based on instilling fear like the Batman: Arkham games as well. Sucker Punch themselves definitely seem pretty well versed at creating immersion, with their last games, the Infamous series, essentially creating a premier superhero video game franchise that wasn’t based on anything from Marvel or DC, with an amazing sense of power, exploration and a great morality system that gave the player some intriguing choices as well. With Ghost, the objective is instead making a man who can seem like something greater than a man, and that’s arguably a far more intriguing concept, and is a continuation of Sony’s tried-and-true formula of offering captivating and story driven first party titles that have kept it winning for the past seven or so years now.
The atmosphere of this game is as compelling as the character himself
And in fact, Ghost of Tsushima will of course be playable on the PS5, and may have enhancements for that system delivered later in a software update, and with the Xbox Series X posing a pretty serious threat to the PS5 (which is partially Sony’s fault) , perhaps this strategy of falling back on exclusive games will save it in the upcoming console generation as well, especially if the PS5 might not have compelling exclusives at launch as well. But that’s all to be seen when these consoles do launch , for now, PS4 fans can enjoy another amazing exclusive title coming to their games catalogue, and who doesn’t want that.
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