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This video about 3D printing enthusiasts creating PPE for COVID-19 frontline works is an inspiring wakeup call for local 3D printers.

A tale of service that we hope affects all of you..

COVID-19’s influence on the world has put people all over the world in a position of helplessness. Countries all over the world are in reactive social distancing situations while medical facilities and professionals are strained for staffing support and Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for short. The PPE situation has in fact gotten so bad that a group of independent 3D printing companies and hobbyists have decided to take it upon themselves and help out. As shown in the video above, these printers are creating everything from face shields to gloves and even makeshift ventilators, with each person essentially creating what they can based on their own 3d Printing setup. It’s an inspiring show of camaraderie and the human spirit that makes us wonder if perhaps the few local 3D printing outfits and enthusiasts to perhaps do something similar.
3D printing has always been a pretty niche technology, growing in popularity by the year in more developed countries whilst it’ made very little drops into Zimbabwe as well. But over the years an outfit or two has made itself has made itself known usually corporate or profitable reasons. And that’s just fine, in fact at this rate if any of those companies could start making PPE even to sell to medical professionals (at affordable prices of course) ,then they would go a long way towards helping frontline medical workers anyway. Especially in a country where whole hospitals are essentially closing down because of a lack of PPE. Of course that’s not without considering the challenges they face as well, from raw materials to production costs of their own ,but perhaps there is still something they can, and if you know anyone into 3D printing, you could show them this article and perhaps they may have interest. For now, we’ll just watch, and hope for the best, as the COVID-19 situation in our country has isolated and stable.

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