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Econet’s E-Learning bundles: Making amends?

Should Students forgive them?


After a certain amount of unrest beginning on Tuesday(including an article about Econet’s exclusive deal with Africa University for reduced student data rates) , Econet released its new monthly e-learning bundles for students. The reaction around them hasn’t exactly been….quiet to say the least but that’s why we decided to actually take a look at them and decide on the obvious question: Are they any good?
Econet has released essentially two packages, a 10 GB one for RTGS$200 and a 20GB one for RTGS$350. At face value’ these honestly seem quite fine, especially with the recent price increases for all their other data services. However the fact that these eLearning bundles have to be acquired through respective schools or educational institutions does bring a challenge, as obviously these cannot be accessed all the time and also it will depend on each school just how the students will buy these services, as Econet likely hasn’t stated an exact format for schools to follow likely due to it’s previous arrangement with AU setting the blueprint for this one, where AU’s staff probably already worked out how to operate this arrangement with their students.
But back to the actual bundles themselves, are they the best Econet could offer? Well, yes. As long as we’re talking about Econet that is. A student could likely go through the hassle of buying even 2 20GB bundles for around RTGS $700 for 40 GB rather than buy any other data bundle Econet offers, including the 25 GB home Wi-Fi bundle which now goes for $1300! But thankfully Econet isn’t the only competitor around, and if you live in an area with great Telecel performance we would actually recommend you use their home Wi-Fi bundle that even have you paying $550 for 5OGB instead, throwing Econet under the bus again. If Telecel can actually maintain these prices, we would even suggest as many people as possible try their services, as the lack of power cuts also finally has them at a level where their service is competent again.
Hence are Econet’s e-Learning bundles the apology students deserve? Well, they’re a start. Honestly, we didn’t expect much more here than Econet offered and for that alone they deserve credit. Making the decision to be unbiased and spread this facility to everyone else is admirable, even if it’s execution might leave room for improvement. Especially since Telecel and NetOne haven’t bothered to make the same move either. So despite it being a bad start, and us honestly knowing there’s better alternatives, we have to give Econet credit here, because the company for once is trying to do what people actually want. Now just get better at it please.

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