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So here’s why 5G doesn’t cause the Coronavirus

Because enough of you didn’t hear this the first time…

The COVID-19 coronavirus and 5G have become one of the most interesting cases of coincidence meeting propaganda and caused a wildfire of fake news that we spent weeks trying to put out here and on our social media as well. We already wrote the first article of our own detailing the multiple fake news stories you had to be warry of (including the 5G one) and why or how people even start such stories to begin with. But as we’ve seen fake 5G-based COVID-19 reports continue and our own local telecoms companies have to debunk them long before they can even implement the network, we thought this video from CNET would help you all inherently realize why 5G is not linked to COVID-19 at all and again, how fear in times like this is almost as big a problem as the virus itself as the misinformation it causes brings people towards panic-based decisions and actions that could potentially cause literal harm to people. We already talked about 5G towers being burned and literal people being attacked last time and the same thoughts are re-iterated here. It can all even sound a little crazy sometimes but it still comes down to a singular point; misinformation is a huge problem, and it must be stopped in a time like this. Hopefully the video above will help some of you understand that.
If you know anyone who has questions about COVID-19 , please direct him to this article or our more in-depth ones linked below. They can also check the World Health Organization (WHO) website here for more relevant and factual information about COVID-19.

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