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Sony Reveals the PS5 New Dualsense controller. And for some reason we can’t stop looking at it.

It’s embarrassing how excited we’re getting over this….

Sony has been incredibly coy with details about the PS5, being arguably more silent about it now ever since Microsoft went full-gear on telling and showing of the Xbox Series X as much as possible since last December. The first proper reveal about the PS5 was the developer talk from three weeks agao which at the very least gave us nearly every technical spec about the PS5 we could want, even if it was burried in a lot of technical and developer jargon. But finally Sony has thrown fans a bone again and unveiled the PS5 official Dualsense controller , and well, it looks so good it has us all talking about nothing else besides a games console’s controller!
We’ll just jump right in and say this thing looks amazing. Don’t get us wrong ,it’s different from the previous Dual-shock models and will likely raise an eyebrow or two among the PS community but tell us you’re not looking at this thing and feeling at the very least a little admirable of it’s design. The Dualsense has a futuristic sleek design that even Apple will likely appreciate, and that’s definitely got all of us talking especially seeing no one outside of Sony’s circles has touched this thing yet. It also sports the new Dual-sense name for a reason; the advanced haptic triggers that Sony feels will be able to replicate multiple sensations accurately through adaptive vibration capabilities. So much so that Sony apparently thinks it can replicate what it’s like to “drive through mud”. We’re not sure about that last part either but OK, we’ll take it. Other than that the controller comes with a new shape for better ergonomics, improved textures for gripping, and some new button features that Sony is keeping a secret. Along with a built in Microphone array, you could argue this controller has the Xbox Series X one (which is essentially an Xbox One controller) beat.
And right now the current reaction is exactly what Sony needs, having been quiet for months and starving fans of information while the Xbox has essentially been taking a world fame tour for what seems like years now. Sony may have had the upper hand in the PS4 generation, but it’s clear that Microsoft wants to make that as hard as possible for the PS5 ,so Sony finally getting content out there is great for fans and hopefully great for sales. And capture the fans it has, especially with that design (which it might share with the PS5). Now to see where the next console war goes from here.

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