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Here’s a brief rundown on exactly how the coronavirus affects manufacturing in tech

Just so you get an idea of how this all works…..

We’ve been telling you guys about the expected impact of the Coronavirus on manufacturing and especially on tech for a while now. Sales are expected to go down, shipments to be hindered, and most importantly, manufacturing itself might be taken down a huge notch especially as most of the tech companies we rely on have their tech assembled in China. But if you’re trying to get how all this connects to COVID-19 you can check the video above to gain a much better understanding, and hopefully understand even further why people are scared of the long term impacts of the virus.
As we have said before, hopefully this situation no longer persists, but we can only believe for the best and hope COVID-19 is contained soon enough. Until then, we just hope that our favorite tech companies deliver on their promises even in this trying time.

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