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Quarantine Content: The Top 10 list of Underrated movies from the last decade to watch during lockdown

Let these hidden gems keep you company during the lockdown..

You can’t let movies like this pass you over
So as our country goes into mandatory lockdown today and we all start to spend a little more time at home than we might really want to, here at TZP we figured why not give everyone some fun quarantine content suggestions to check out while they have a little free time on their hands, starting with movies! This list contains some of the most amazing, ambitious or just mishandled and misunderstood movies of the past ten years, movies that despite being really good or just downright amazing in their own way, somehow didn’t find the success or social relevance they deserved. Thus if you hadn’t watched them (as most of you hadn’t) , here’s the chance to redeem yourself, as in no certain order we unveil the 10 most underrated movies of the past decade below:


Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn(2020)

The newest movie on this list, Birds of Prey and the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is a movie that doesn’t deserve to be forgotten the way it seemingly has been by the general movie going audience. Its critical reception pinned it as a solid movie experience ad we mostly agree. The film isn’t perfect, especially considering the titular Birds of Prey only assemble at the end of it and no real dynamic is formed between them as this was essentially a Harley Quinn movie. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great movie however, as honestly, I would have argued it’s one of the best DCEU films to come out to date. Margot Robbie is still a perfect casting as Harley, while new characters such as   Mary Elizabeth Whinestead’s             Huntress turn a more serious DC heroine into a subtly hilarious superhero by making her seem inexperienced and unknown. And then there’s Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask, a loveable psychopath who honestly steals the show in almost every scene he’s in. It all tends to fit together pretty amazingly, and if for some reason you hadn’t bothered to watch Birds of Prey (yes, we know that title is long), now is your chance to change that and Give yourself a good time.


I am number 4(2011)

Young Adult Novels gaining movies was a recurring trend of the 2010s and that’s become less and less popular over the years, but at the height of it, with Twighlight sequels being planned and Divergent well on its way, another film series based on   The Lorien Legacies   was planned on being put together, starting with I Am Number 4. Now I’ll say this right now, I’m a sucker for a good coming of age story, and a lot of storytellers love to tell them from the perspective of a teenager. I am Number 4 is exactly that, the story of “John Smith” , a seemingly human teenager who is actually a survivor from his planet being hunted while he hides out on earth. It already sounds a little Superman-esque but I Am number Four makes itself different through it’s supporting characters, and further world-building, with Timothy Olyphant turning in another admirable performance a John’s guardian Henri, as well as additional characters like John’s nerd friend Sam and his fellow “legacy” Six. The action too definitely held up once the third act of the movie started, with the different powers and weapons on display work well with the martial arts-based scenes as well. Unfortunately, I Am Number 4 came out in one of the most stuffed year of the past decade; 2011. It came out in a year that included Transformers: Dark of The Moon, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2, X-Men : First Class, Fast Five , the first Thor and Captain America movies and well, you get the point.  This was a year where even a Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes sequel couldn’t lock in a box office win, let alone an upstart teen-centric movie based on a not-so popular book. Simply put, I Am number Four stood no chance and fell into oblivion, but while it’s no Oscar worthy contender, it’s an enjoyable story you will wish you saw completed as the movie comer to an end.



Power Rangers(2017)

I know what you’re thinking; There’s a Power Rangers movie? And it’s supposedly good? Yes, and yes. As I’ve said, I’m a sucker for coming of age stories, and this movie is that, along with being a great teen drama and an okay superhero movie all in one. It doesn’t always stick the landing in some aspects (the final battle lacked a little epicness to be fair) but where this movie really aims high it tends to succeed , The characters are great , their motivations and struggles are believable and the emotional moments of this movie can actually make u feel like the rangers’ fight is your fight too, and often that fight isn’t saving the world, but rather finding a family in each other in a world that seems to reject them. It’s an underdog story that while not beating out the likes of Marvel or DC, makes for a worthwhile Superhero flick in its own right.



The Wolverine

So this one might be a bit of a cheat, because both financially and critically speaking The Wolverine was a pretty big success, pushing for both X-Men: Days of Future’s Past’s development and Logan as well. Yet, somehow The Wolverine tends to fall by the wayside  when talking about or thinking about great X-Men movies. So simply out of the spirit of reminding people to watch a good movie, this one should definitely be on whatever kind of watchlist you come up with for the lockdown. It’s grounded (for a superhero movie) , mature and delightfully tragic as the story has Wolverine trying to protect a woman while fighting demons of killing the woman he loved, both figuratively and literally. Intrigued yet? You should be, now go watch it already.



About last night(2014)

So one of the most popular romantic comedies in the past ten years was Think Like A Man, Steve Harvey book-based romcom that essentially pushed actors like Kevin Hart and Taraji P. Henson into much greater heights. It went on to have a sequel in 2014’s Think like a man Too, but while the sequel definitely brought on the comedy of the first movie, it lost a lot of the drama and believable plotflines that made the first movie a romcom hit. And that’s where About Last Night comes in. While this movie might not be as good as think Like A Man, it’s arguably what I would call the worthy sequel to it as it balances comedy and believable romantic plotlines in very much the same way. While directed and written by different people, about last night carries a large chunk of the same cast as well that it almost feels like think like a man 1.5, and that’s a good thing. It will likely have you laughing the whole time you watch it then stopping to appreciate the more serious moments as well, and for me, that’s’ s why this romcom deserves some attention from you as well.



The Nice Guys(2015)

Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Saying either of those names in Hollywood is likely to raise eyebrows and make people wonder hat’s going on. Yet for this 2015 buddy cop comedy that wasn’t the case. The Nice Guys is a goofy, funny and sometimes ridiculous romp that will have you wondering how two of the most respected actors in the business got together to act this crazy collection of skits and set pieces . It also remains funny because well, you don’t expect either of these actors to be funny. And that’s part of the charm of this movie; the unexpected. It’s not a completely unpredictable ride. But it has unpredictable actions from it’s two leads that will have you either laughing your lungs out or rolling your eyeballs throughout the movie and that’s definitely not a bad thing .



Terminator: Dark Fate(2020)

Now this movie just breaks my heart. The second most recent entry here Terminator: Dark Fate is essentially a great terminator movie. If you loved the first two movies especially this flick is the best sequel both of them could have asked for. It has amazing action, admirable protagonists , a chillingly threatening villain and enough of a mix of the old and the new that terminator die-hards will love it whole those looking for a new action franchise to jump on would too. Except somehow this film bombed at the box office, even with largely positive reviews. It seems as if many audiences have just given up on the terminator franchise after the successive fails that were Salvation and Genisys, and no matter how promising Dark fate looked they weren’t having any of it. The conversation around the movie has increased and perhaps some version of revival treatment may be given to future terminator projects, but as for now, Dark Fate seems to be the bittersweet end to the terminator franchise, and at the very least it’s worth a watch as a way to say goodbye.




With the recent astonishing success of Ford v Ferrari I’ve recently come back to this movie and honestly wondered why it didn’t get as much love or fanfare. Rush is still easily one of the best performances I have ever seen from Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and co-star (and fellow MCU member) Daniel Bruhl. Also based on real life events and the rivalry between F1 legends James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, Rush seems to tell the story of what it takes to reach the goals you want to reach in life, showing two very different approaches from the two men and what that led to for both of them. Again, Daniel Bruhl literally stole the show as Lauda in almost every scene he was in, usually pushing “a smartest guy in the room agenda” ,unless that scene included Hemsworth’s James Hunt, who was easily the best role he had undertaken at that time (this was before Thor: Ragnarok so we can all admit Thor was still boring at the time). Hunt was the type of daredevil loveable train wreck that only Hemsworth could portray so well, and both him and Lauda will have you rooting for them as their story progresses. As such if you love history, racing, Ford v. Ferrari or just a good story about men, triumph or life itself, Rush is something you definitely need to get your hands on.



Cars 3(2017)

Pixar essentially shot themselves in the foot when it comes to the Cars franchise. The first Cars movie was an admirable, though not totally groundbreaking flick that became a much bigger franchising cash cow, spawning toys, videogames, merchandise and so on. Which led to the second movie being an all-out Transformers-level attempt to just completely dump the story and cash in on fan favorite character Mator. The movie was terrible. But it still managed to sell all the toys Pixar knew it would (along with a quite-good PS3 game). Yet Cars 3, essentially the swan song to the series, was…..incredibly heartfelt. It told a story of age, retirement and letting go while also weaving in one of feminism and equal opportunity in new series character    Cruz. In typical Pixar fashion it will have you thinking it’s a dumb kids movie then have you holding back a tear or two by the end of it. Definitely worth the watch.


The A-Team(2010)

So how is it that a star studded action flick with Bradley Cooper , Liam Neeson and a pretty respectable Jessica Biel based on a classic 70’s TV series and updating the characters, story and action in all the right ways failed to become a major blockbuster hit or franchise? We still don’t now really, though we reckon having very similar films like The Losers in the same year didn’t help either. Regardless, the A-Team is definitely the most underrated action flick of 2010 and a damn good time to watch too. Its story is not impeccable and honestly speaking some of it’s CGI doesn’t hold up as well, but you would be hard-pressed to not find yourself grinning or laughing at the shenanigans of Murdoch and crew. By the end of it, you’ll likely enjoy plans coming together as well.



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