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You can use these websites from Google and Microsoft to get information on the Coronovirus (and discern from fake news)

A few extra resources to help with Misinformation…….

Google’s COVID-19 information site.
As we mentioned in our last article, a lot of technology based companies in the world are making efforts in aiding against the COVID-19 Coronavirus. With internet companies decreasing internet prices (except in Zimbabwe) , Facebook and the World Health Organization building an official WhatsApp chatbot for reliable information , and now information websites from both Microsoft and Google that offer news updates, statistics and health information about how best to respond to and deal with COVID-19.
Microsoft’s website
Both websites cover the task of giving you essential information on the virus’ whereabouts, number of cases per country (with maps detailing the severity of cases and number of causes) along with news updates and links to organisations like WHO  for more info. Google’s own site gives a little more help info and some reminder infographics as shown below. It also seemingly offers testing and screening centers for users in the US and amusingly enough is also offering resources such as remote work opportunities as well. Both websites are being worked on to support more languages as well as increase accessibility in as many ways as possible.  As we mentioned before, both sites are also meant to especially fight misinformation, which is becoming rampant especially as more and more people become aware of the seriousness of COVID-19 but might not exactly know how to deal with it. The point of the WHO WhatsApp bot is also for the same reason, especially since the platform has become a breeding ground for fake news or unsolicited rumors(don’t burn yourself with steam at 100 degrees people) and hopefully these websites can serve as a portal for reliable info instead.
Your can go to the Microsoft website here:
Your can go to the Google website here:


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