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The Zimbabwean Perspectivecast is Live! Check out our first episode right here!

Trust us, you’ll want to hear this….

We’ve talked about podcasts before here at TZP , how we love them, follow them and how you should too. But now we’ve finally decided to throw our own hat into that ring and hence ladies and gentlemen say hello to the Zimbabwean Perspectivecast, a podcast based on Zimbabwean lives and the tech involved in them, just like TZP . We’ll be using the podcast as a platform for interviews, further deep dives into some of the articles we would have gone over throughout the week, and a little tomfoolery while we talk about how tech and our lives continue to intersect. Our inaugral episode took a little longer than expected to release but after this we’ll have weekly weekend releases for all your tech podcast needs. If you want to listen to us on the go, you can also find us on Spotify , Google Podcast and Apple Podcasts in the coming weeks.Now without further ado, here’s your first episode of the Zimbabwean Perspectivecast.
Stay tuned for upcoming episodes every week!

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