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Call of Duty Warzone is a Free to Play Battle Royale based multiplayer game that’ releasing today!

Well, here’s a surprise…….

Call of duty as a franchise had an amazing 2019 with Modern Warfare and Call of Duty:Mobile both being respective kings of their market and some of the biggest games of last year. But it seems Activision is nowhere near slowing down yet, as just like Apex Legends last year, Call of Duty has just unveiled Warzone, a battle royale based free to play game that’s literally dropping today for PC , PS4 and Xbox One. The game definitely seems aimed at Fortnite as it seems a little less serious than previous COD games that try to ground themselves in some form of reality, but it’s definitely no kid friendly affair like Fortnite is either. The trailer alone seems to highlight more horrific humor expected in teen COD chatrooms rather than Fortnite watch parties.It’s a bid to give this game an identity of it’s own for sure, but we’ll see how well it stands out. Especially when it comes to what really matters in any game: the actual gameplay. Hopefully COD comes out swinging with Warzone and we’ll have another interesting free to play game to try out.
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