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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung’s Valentine’s Foldable brings in much needed improvements to the formula

Even if I wouldn’t ever buy it….

Back on Tuesday at Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event the company didn’t lead by revealing the three S20 phones most of us expected but instead started things off with the other device tech insiders were hyped about : the Galaxy Z flip, Samsung’s second foldable phone that banks on nostalgia, style, and apparently Valentine’s as well.
Like the recently released Motorola RAZR, the Z flip is again, a huge nostalgia play. It’s essentially a foldable phone that’s around the Size of an S20 when unfolded but folds up into a smaller more compact rectangle just like a flip phone from the mid-2000’s. That isn’t the most utilitarian of uses to be honest, especially compared to the Galaxy Fold which essentially turned from phone to tablet and back, but while the Z flip might not be the most “useful” of foldable phones, it’s definitely the most refined. In fact, the Z flip is arguably the best built foldable phone to date. For starters, while the Galaxy Fold, Moto RAZR and older phones all use plastic displays, the Z flip is the first one to use actual glass, or at least a type of glass for its display , something everyone has been begging for in foldables as plastic screens, while flexible, are terrible to use and more prone to scratching, while glass of course, can’t bend. Samsung is using a composite ultra-thin “flexible” glass that’s essentially a combination of glass and plastic with the latter being used at the hinge while the rest of the screen is glass. It’s a nice touch that of course makes this phone feel more like a quality device especially compared to not only it’s more expensive predecessor the Galaxy Fold but also its direct competition in the RAZR as well. Samsung has also brought in all the lessons it learnt from the Fold here, with tiny micro-fibre bristles inside the hinge as well to keep dust and other particles out, and some added design quirks such as the dust caps and even the “bezel” shape all to make this phone more durable than the Fold ever was, and improving on even the Motorola RAZR’s design.
This makes your wonder why they didn’t call it the V Flip instead though.
In fact, let’s address that RAZR issue real quick. The competition between these two phones is obvious, both are banking on nostalgia to bring back the flip phone and both use most of the same design quirks. The thing is however, while the RAZR likely thought it could simply get away with being cheaper against the Galaxy Fold, and hence used mid-range phone specs mainly, Samsung decided it would make the Z Flip less of a cheaper Galaxy Fold and more of just an interesting alternative for anyone trying to relive their life in the 2000s.

So while the Galaxy Z flip isn’t the spec monster the S20 Plus is, it’s still a pretty well rounded device, with a Snapdragon 855 Processor, 8GB of RAM , 256GB of storage and even Samsung’s Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging for other devices as well. Combine that with the glass finish and amazing screen and it almost becomes obvious that the Z flip eclipses the RAZR , which is actually slightly more expensive. This actually proves how Samsung’s early experimentation with foldables is yielding results, as they can create more unique devices at better price points while the competition is only dipping its feet into the water.
And maybe back to who this phone is supposedly meant for: Millenials. No one else really. Every millennial who had a flip phone in the 2000s and wants to relive part of that while also having the money to buy a device like this. It’s essentially a pretty crazy bet, but then so was the Galaxy Fold and Samsung sold hundreds of thousands of those, so obviously the company is doing something right. All I can hope is that it did do right with the Z flip, and that this phone won’t suffer from the same quality issues that plagued the first Galaxy Fold and the Moto RAZR. Hopefully this phone’s hardware improvements make it a solid phone to use, and finally brings foldables to the mainstream. We’ll let you know after the reviews come in, starting from today on Valentines(aww Samsung, you sneaky corporate profit romantic you).

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