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Mobile World Congress has officially been cancelled due to the Coronavirus

An unfortunate turn…

As we already mentioned on Wednesday, the Coronavirus has continued to have a detrimental effect on tech, and was already affecting the attendance for this year’s Mobile World Congress , the biggest trade show for smartphones and Mobile computing technology, with seven of the biggest companies slated to attend dropping out. Unfortunately, it seems the dropouts got to the MWC committee and the show has officially been cancelled for the time being due to the low attendance numbers and of course the Coronavirus itself.
As we mentioned in our last article these cancellations and delays could have ripple effects throughout the year as far as tech is concerned, adding to the myriad of other devastating effects caused by the Coronavirus as well in all aspects of people’s lives around the globe.  Now reports do claim that there has been large strides in the progress of studying the virus, which is helping to speed up the discovery of a viable form of treatment, but unfortunately this also comes hand in hand with the news of over 1000 deaths in China now as well as the Chinese government producing an app that helps you detect whether you have been in contact with anyone with the virus. Again, hopefully all these more progressive strides will address the virus’ soon enough but unfortunately for now it seems all that anyone in any sector of industry can do is wait. And wait we shall, with our prayers to all those in China and any other affected areas.

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