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Samsung Galaxy S20 Event Highlights: Three S20 phones, A new Foldable and Better Galaxy Buds.

And the whole event was filmed with Galaxy S20’s just to flex…

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event (formally called Unpacked) was honestly leaked to oblivion this year, but its till delivered all the hits fans and smartphone users alike expected from this year , with all three (yes 3 ) Galaxy s20 devices being great opening salvos and juggernauts for this year’s flagship offerings, but also Samsuung’s second Foldable, the Z Flip made it’s expected debut with a few more surprise in tow. We’ll let the video above explain the basics for you and go into detail over the individual phones in other articles, but basically here’s a brief run down.


There are three Galaxy Flagships this year

While there were technically five Galaxy s10 editions last year, the S20 comes only in three. The S20 and S20 + are the expected pair, with the plus being a bigger version with a few more storage options but packing basically everything else including the cameras this time, while the S20 Ultra is the N0-Holds-Barred all-or-nothing version that starts of with a 108MP Camera and storage options that will make your laptop jealous. All three phones also come with 120Hz displays and 5G though the base S20 doesn’t support the highest spec version of it while the other two do. We’ll go in depth on all the phones in a later article.

The Galaxy Z flip is Samsung’s Second foldable aimed at Mid 2000’s Nostalgia.

Remember flip phones? From Nokia, Samsung,Motorola and co? Well Samsung does , and it’s banking on that Nostalgia factor to sell the Galaxy Z flip. This second Foldable device seems aimed at millennials with large pockets, and is also seemingly packed with all the lessons learnt from the not-so-smooth launch of the Galaxy Fold. Honestly for us we have yet to really want this, as from a utility standpoint it’s nowhere near comparable to the original fold. But at a technically cheaper price of $1400, it might appeal to some of you.

Partnerships and the Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds plus almost seem aimed at taking out Apple’s Airpods Pro but, here’s the thing, they’re $100 cheaper ast only $150 and in fact that makes them cheaper than the base Airpods too, which they’re likely better than considering their enhancements over the original Galaxy Buds. And they better be considering all of this year’s Galaxy Flagships have officially done away with the headphone jack. Guess LG is the only stronghold left now. The Galaxy buds also come with some interesting Spotify integration, and mark one of many partnerships Samsung has made this year ranging including Microsoft through Game-streaming and the honestly unimpressive Forza Street, and Netflix and some special Bixby integrations(yeah, Bixby is still a thing).
Galaxy S10 software support.

The Galaxy S10s are still arguably our favorite Galxy Flagships (at least until we play with the s20s maybe) and it seems Samsung wants to double down on their fanfare as well. All Galaxy S10s will be getting extended software support for maybe even the next three years similar to what Apple does with older iPhones while they get official Price drops as well. It’s a much appreciated gesture from Samsung, at the very least marking a move from just selling devices to wanting to keep customers happy on devices the company has already sold. Now if only they could bring some of that support to Zim (you know, once the country gets everything else in order).
We’ll be covering all the Galaxy devices in depth over the next two days so stay tuned for our deep dives into those as well as other tech articles from the week.


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