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Motorola’s Moto G stylus brings a Galaxy Note experience for $300

Intriguing offer, even if you don’t like pens….

Motorola has been gaining more of our attention in the past few months , with the Moto One Hyper gaining some recognition in our best phones of 2019. Now they’ve decided to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note line with the impressive but much more affordable Moto G stylus, a 4GB Ram Android 10 triple camera phone with 128 GB of storage and a pen, all for USD $300!
We’ll let the Verge video above give you the long and short of it but right of the bat this seems like an intriguing and attractive device, especially for the price point. Even if Samsung does have the upcoming and cheaper Note 10 Lite , that phone will go for around $600, meaning the G stylus still has a major price advantage. Of course there’s the issue of Motorola themselves having no real presence in Zim, but if you’re willing to skip over to South Africa anytime soon or have a friend overseas who can order one for you, then the G Stylus might just be the phone for you.

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