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This video puts into question if we need crazy expensive, High Resolution smartphone displays

I love my crazy extravagant displays, but….I’m listening…

In a world where smartphones are now made up of almost nothing but the display, making that display more attractive is a huge reason customer draw especially when it comes to making high-end smartphones. However as flagship smartphones have started to pack more unnecessary flashy features, while sacrificing useful ones (like the headphone jack), even the smartphone display has come into question, especially as most of them pack higher resolution displays than your flat-screen TV might pack! Think about it, do we really need QHD or 4K displays on our phones? I mean they look nicer, but they tend to drain the battery faster while jacking up the price to now over a thousand US dollars. Which is exactly why the folks at Android authority decided to make the above video, making people actually compare if they can tell the difference between standard HD phones and higher Quad HD phones. See if you guys can tell the difference too, especially as we continuously come to a point where we assess smartphones from a more pragmatic point of view.
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