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The first look at Microsoft’s Surface Duo UI looks incredibly promising.

A look into Microsoft’s dual-screened UI….

Microsoft’s Surface Duo has been one of the most interesting and intriguing devices unveiled last year: a foldable , dual screened Windows device that runs Android, yet will be essentially designed to Microsoft’s specs and preferences as much as possible. The device has had the media and tech nerds alike wondering how it will work and so on, and in a recent developer blog post , Microsoft has released the developer SDK for the Surface duo along with an emulator to let developers test out and play with it’s expected user interface(while letting tech nerds like us in on the fun too). We’ve actually also just started playing with the emulator, but we thought we would let the Windows Central video above help you take a look at the Duo’s unique OS approach and User Interface(UI) implementations.


Design practices for both Windows and Android dual screen devices. Imaged Credit: Microsoft.
These same practices and designs are expected to be on the upcoming Surface Neo PC’s as well, as Microsoft’s documentation shows these being best practices for how the Surface Duo and the upcoming dual-screen focused Windows 10x will work as well.


Surface Duo and Neo. Image Credit: The Verge
Honestly, this take on how the user interface works has us quite impressed, as it looks much more polished and arguably more productive especially in comparison tor similar implementations from devices like the galaxy fold or Huawei Mate X even. This is likely also because of the high hopes Microsoft has not only for the Surface Duo but Windows 10X as well, which is essentially being waited on by companies like Dell and Lenovo with their own Dual-screen and foldable devices, that they showed at CES earlier this month. Thankfully, the UI seems promising at this stage and we’ll be sure to show you how it continues evolve especially in it’s Windows 10X form factor as well. you can check out related stories on Microsoft, android and foldable devices below.


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