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Here’s Google’s AirDrop competitor being demonstrated on two Android devices

How many devices it will work on is still in question…

Apple’s AirDrop feature, while not being the biggest draw for iOS users in Zim, is still an appreciated convenience of using iOS Apple devices and has worked itself into anyone’s life who has more than one Apple devices. While Android has had third party apps like SHAREit to compensate, the truth is they don’t match up to the cross platform convenience and seamless integration that Apple has with Airdrop, which is defintely why Google has finally decided to bring it’s own competitor to this with Nearby Sharing. The technology is fundamentally the same as AirDrop, using a combination of bluetooth, Wi-Fi and software to allow easy file transfers between two devices and many wonder why the feature is taking so long to come to Android in the first place. Well XDA Developers have tinkered around with some Pixel devices to actually unearth the feature which is essentially “buried” in Android 10. The video above shows the feature (which definitely isn’t complete yet) and how it will likely work between different devices. In fact it’s stated that the feature can work on other recent Android devices as well, though that may be the caveat here. After all AirDrop started working back in 2011 and is available on almost iOS device ever since then, so if Android’s answer is meant to match up, working with devices from at least as far back as 2014 is a must.
Of course as the feature is in beta we can’t tell yet, but quality of life updates and new features or apps for any smartphone operating system are always welcome. especially when they can actually make it much easier to do something on your device like transferring a file. We’ll just have to wait and see how many Android users benefit from it.

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