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Google’s new “envelope” idea is a helpful, but weird answer to what technically isn’t only a first-world problem.

I mean it works in a science project kind of way…


Ever had someone you know claim you have a smartphone addiction? Me too, it’s the worst. But while we tend to exaggerate what smartphone addiction is among ourselves (because most of us don’t bother to research what it is), it is a real problem that’s become more prevalent as more of our lives become dependent on our phones. We’ve even mentioned camps and rehab facilities in first world countries where people actually get professional help on leaving their phone every once in a while. And while the Envelope project above from Google’s special projects division isn’t as intensive, it is meant to address most of the same issues.
As the video shows, it’s honestly just an envelope. Literally nothing else. But it does work with a special app to let you only access your phone’s dialer mainly and surprisingly it’s camera app as well.  The latter is what really has me stunned because, well, how do you plan to take photos without a viewfinder? You obviously need to see the screen to make sure the camera is taking the right picture, not playing a sharpshooting game of whether or not the right photo comes out. And in essence that’s the quirkiness of this whole idea. It’s definitely got the right idea, but it’s also weird in it’s execution beyond the dialer functionality. And of course some of us might even wave this off as a first world problem , but smartphones are a growing influence in all our lives and if anything this video should remind us all to keep our usage in check.
And honestly, the whole envelope idea is still a bit funny when you think about it. Or is that just me?

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