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This Video essentially sums up the the death of the headphone jack and wireless headphones in a nutshell.

Let’s try cover this topic again, with someone more famous backing us up.

The death of the headphone jack and Wireless earbuds/Headphone have been a topic here for almost a year now and last year we had a whole peace about how currently wireless earbuds are a step back in audio quality that’s pushed by companies wanting to make more profit. But even with the hollering and ranting of millions of fans over the internet about the move to wireless, tech companies still pretty much trudge on in killing the headphone jack and introducing new wireless earbuds or headphone with a new phone, so we thought we would let MKBHD  teach you about the economics and motivations for all this in the video above (spoiler: it involves Apple).
You can read the original article on the death of the headphone jack below along with other articles you may like.

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