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WhatsApp is finally giving up on ads , and focusing on businesses like they should have.

A little Common Sense Goes A Long Way..

Ever since late 2018 Facebook has been planning to introduce ads and ad-based features to WhatsApp, a move so controversial it caused original co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton to leave the company. But now it seems Facebook has at least seen the folly of their ways as reports by the Wall Street Journal have shown that the company has disbanded the team that was formed to create WhatsApp ads and removed code to implement ads from the app entirely.
Facebook instead seems to want to refocus WhatsApp’s business based efforts, starting with the actu WhatsApp for Business features and newly integrated features such as the Ability to create product catalogues within the app. This doesn’t completely mean that Facebook will totally abandon ad efforts for WhatsApp, after all this is how the company makes most of its money. But for now, those plans have been put on ice and frankly we couldn’t be more thrilled. In fact, based on our own opinion, it’s almost baffling that Facebook hasn’t bothered to double down on making WhatsApp a true business based or team focused messenger not unlike slack or Microsoft Teams. After all neither of those messengers have the name recognition of WhatsApp and if you told someone especially in developing countries that WhatsApp now had a special version meant just to coordinate corporate teams, meetings and better file sharing features just for your workplace, chances are the user adoption rate would be through the roof.
Either way only time will tell how WhatsApp’s monetization efforts will evolve, but we reckon there’s going to be a few interesting changes coming to the app soon enough anyway.

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