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Allow us to explain the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite (and why we think you should buy the Note)

A look into Samsung’s cheaper (but not exactly cheap) new Galaxy phones…

So in Friday’s CES 2020 coverage roundup we brought up Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite phones, which despite the names are a little more than just scaled down, budget-friendly versions of last year’s flagships. Instead the phones make some interesting changes, delightful additions and in some areas and glaring omissions in others (looking at you S10 Lite headphone jack). But considering that the branding and approach to these phones is quite weird, we figured the video above courtesy of Youtuber MrWhoseTheBoss (yes that’s his name) along with a few of our own thoughts might help you all understand these phones better, especially when it comes to whether or not they’re for you.
The S10 Lite: Different, but maybe not compelling enough.
For starters, the S 10 Lite is less of a direct scale-down of the Galaxy S10 , and seems to instead be more of an experiment bin for a few new technologies. For starters the S10 Lite has an impressive new camera setup, with a 48MP sensor that drastically improves optical stabilization system and low light sensitivity, improving even on last year’s galaxy S10’s video, as well as a macro camera for interesting close-up shots and a bigger battery and display than the normal S10 as well. This is all whilst keeping the same processor and RAM options as the S10 too. Which all would have made me jump for it if not for two reason. The first being the headphone jack (yes, I know I always complain about it) which definitely feels like something that should stay rather than be removed on a cheaper phone that doesn’t even have water resistance. The second, well while the video disagrees, and thinks the S10e is a whole different phone entirely that shouldn’t be compared to the S10 Lite, we can’t help but compare them. If the S10 Lite is released for USD $600-700 while the S10e actually goes for $500 now, while offering the same processor, RAM options, better storage options, wireless charging, water resistance and that aforementioned headphone jack, allxx which the Lite lacks, it’s a little hard not to recommend it. Even the normal Galaxy S10 might be comparatively priced depending on where you look, and again, makes Samsung’s new and more experimental S-line play harder to recommend here, even if it’s a compelling buy.
The Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Not as feature packed but still impressive
Then comes the Note 10 Lite, and look right of the bat this phone is largely a downgrade especially from the Note 10 Plus. It offers the Galaxy S9’s Exynos 9810 processor, the same 6/8 GB RAM options as the S10 Lite , the same 128 GB of storage ,a headphone jack and of course the Note line’s signature S-Pen. It also offers a more conservative camera setup, which isn’t bad by any means but does fall short of the S10 Lite’s video and low light capabilities. So it’s a less impressive phone in some aspects, but it offers standard modern performance along with a great battery and screen combo with all the benefits of Samsung’s stylus and note taking features as well. The video above puts it as a power user tool but for me it’s just the more sensible phone considering that it’s cheaper and works better in our local setting as well. It’s essentially the same experience as the Galaxy Note 9 minus the premium feel and wireless charging, but a bigger battery, faster charging and arguably better screen. Making it at the very least a worthwhile buy if that phone was something you wanted. Of course the price isn’t exactly cheap either and in fact both these phones are competing in a pretty crazy market segment where OnePlus , Xiaomi, Nokia and Motorola have been laying waste to the competition, but we’ll see how they hold up soon enough.
Either way with the new year in full gear now, and Samsung itself getting ready to announce two or more flagship level phones on February 11, it’s good to see they spared a second to offer some great budget friendly options too as the smartphone wars for this year continues. Tell us what you think of the Galaxy Lites in the comments below and on our social media.

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