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CES 2020 Roundup: Phones, rotating and folding PC’s , rolling ball robots and Sony making a car!

Trust us, this past week in tech has been CRAZY…..

The consumer electronics show has always been one of the craziest events in tech every year , being a hub for companies to announce new products as well as crazy new concepts on products that will make you wonder how much of the tech announced is even beneficial to the everyday person. This year was no different, seeing entries from classic tech companies like Samsung, Lenovo and Sony, to even crazier entries like Impossible Foods (that creates “artificial meat”) to Mercedes with a couple of interesting concept vehicles of their own. We could continue to keep you waiting here but we’ll just compile some of the greatest videos form the week past below:



Samsung’s Confusing but interesting Galaxy Lite Phones:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones are sort of a breath of fresh air, but a little confusing too. They’re obviously less powerful derivatives of the S10+ and Note 10+ , but go their own way in terms of cameras and even processors in the Note 10 Lite’s case. Their pricing is also yet to be announced so we’re not sure how much cheaper they will be compared to their flagship inspirations and the S10e is still out there as well. At least the Note has a headphone jack though (Yay!)

Alienware Wants to make a Windows-Based Nintendo Switch?

Alienware is a brand PC gamers know and love, but it seems with the success of the Nintendo Switch they’ve decided to take a crack at portable gaming as well with their UFO concept device. Yes concept means this thing won’t be released to the public yet but it definitely shows that such a device is possible. Now to get some takers from other PC companies as well.


Samsung has TV’s that rotate too.

To be fair, Samsung’s Rotating SERO TV isn’t actually a completely new thing. But to say it’s wacky and interesting would be an understatement. It’s certainly more appealing to perhaps professional workers rather than homes due to the key rotation feature’s use cases but it’s one of those fun tech product’s you ma never buy but find joy in knowing it simply exists. Samsung themselves are also at war with LG over 8K  TV’s and their bezz-less 8K offering will definitely bring some competition to LG’s rolling offerings.


Speaking of LG

LG has been touting rollable displays for a while now and isn’t letting anyone forget it’s offerings. It’s newest rolling display offering will likely give fans something to go crazy about and will start rolling out to customers soon.


Sony Made a CAR!

When you think of SONY chances are you think of TV’s and other home appliances, The PlayStation, wireless audio and (hopefully) the companies often forgotten smartphone offerings. But a car? Likely not. Well in the same way car companies like Mercedes have begun to dominate tech events like CES it seems Sony wants to hit back at that market as well with it’s Vision-S Concept car. Now yes, being a concept does mean it’s not available yet or anytime soon, but it does currently serve as a showcase of Sony’s autonomous car technologies as well as an announcement of an entrance into this space. To be honest it’s definitely an unprecedented move, but with Apple expected to have some presence in the cars space should we really be too surprised?


Folding PCs Galore

Ever Since Microsoft’s breathtaking Surface Neo and Duo unveiling last year, foldable PC devices have essentially become as certified a product category as foldable phones, whether you love or hate the idea. Dell, Lenovo and Intel have all shown up with devices of their own, whether they’re concepts or fully working models. We don’t know if we want these the same way we want the Surface Neo, but we’re intrigued enough to see how this space turns out.


Impossible Foods does well, the impossible again with manufactured pork.

Impossible Foods has been gaining traction in the US due to it’s products’ health benefits and vegetarian diets. It started gaining traction with Hamburgers and now it apparently has Pork offerings too. Try not to get hungry watching this.


Samsung’s artificial Human named NEON is also…interesting

We’re just going to leave this here and let you watch.


Mercedes has a that looks like it came straight out of an Avatar movie

We already mentioned how Mercedes  has started to come to tech shows and steal tech companies’ thunder, and well this car, the Concept AVTR is another surefire guarantee of that. It’s weird , sci-fi inspired and essentially totally unreasonable, exactly what people need for CES.


The Segway S-Pod pretty much makes you Professor X from the X-Men.

Ever been a fan of the Profesor X’s wheelchair? Well this new product from Segway might be just up your alley. I mean no one here at TZP will tel you why you should use it or how, but we’ll let you have as much fun as possible imagining how you’ll use it, as it’s not just for disabled people either.


OnePlus’s Concept one phone has a compelling use case if you’re looking for it.

OnePlus has definitely come quite a ways from it’s budget smartphone maker beginnings and this concept device is proof of that. The Concept one is essentially based around a special glass material that can hide the phone’s cameras but also acts as a light diffuser for when you want to control the amount of light in a picture. It’s honestly nothing to go crazy about from our end. But it’s a cool concept to look at nonetheless.



Samsung’s Ballie Robot remind us of Gundam’s Haro robots

We know, this is the third Samsung entry on this list and you want to pull your hair out, but that’s because the company had a pretty huge presence at the show this year. Their Ballie home Robot seems to be aiming to be a more useful companion robot that helps people around the house in a few ways. Honestly they just remind us of the Haro robots from the Gundam franchise(shown below), all Samsung needs to do is figure out how to make them bounce.
Haro robots from Gundam


Asus’ amazing Zephyus ROG G14 is the most boring product at this year’s show

And finally, a boring product that you can actually buy this year. The G14 and it’s G15 older brother have animated back display covers and powerful AMD Ryzen CPUs and GPUs. Yet they’re likely the thing you’ll forget first in this list even if they’re the one thing you can buy. Oh well.
And that does it for this year folks, honestly we could go on forever with this list but we figured we would give you our top picks of the year. We’ll go into detail about some of the other products in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for coverage on those. Otherwise tell us your thoughts in our comments and on our social platforms.

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