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The end of the decade marked the end of a graveyard’s worth of TV shows

Pay your respects……..

Remember back when we told you 2019 was the year of letting go of some of your favourite TV shows, movie franchises and characters? Well it seems a lot of TV and streaming executives took that whole “end of the decade thing” to heart and decided to end a crazy amount of series that where the sweethearts of the past ten years. From long running behemoths like Supernatural and The 100 to newer streaming service favorites like Lucifer and The Good Place. The list itself is massive and this IGN video  and tearing a little when you realize just how many shows are ending, especially if any of those held a place in your heart. The video ends with a heartwarming farewell message, as everyone knows a good show or piece of art never really dies, but instead stays in the hearts and minds of it’s fans. Now on to the next decade and the shows it may offer!

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