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Month: January 2020

So how worried should we be about the Coronavirus?

Should we even trust what our government says about it?

The first look at Microsoft’s Surface Duo UI looks incredibly promising.

An interesting look into the future of Microsoft’s Dual-Screened devices and their UI.

Google’s new “envelope” idea is a helpful, but weird answer to what technically isn’t only a first-world problem.

I mean it works in a science project kind of way… Ever had someone you know claim you have a smartphone addiction? Me too, it’s the worst. But while we tend to exaggerate what smartphone addiction is among…

The week of Windows Funerals shows an interesting turning point in the history of Microsoft.

A week that seemed to be marked by loss actually shows the completed birth of a new Microsoft.

The smartphone defined the last decade in tech (and beyond)

A look at how smartphones changed our finances, communication methods and social habits.