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This video on tech that died this decade reminds you not to get too attached to products (while also reminding us that these things are just made to make money)

May their memory cells rest in peace….

From the MP3 to DVDs to Windows Phone itself, this past decade killed as much tech products as it created. Whole of course most of this is the simple sake of progress, sometimes you do tend to wonder why the older product got substituted especially when it had advantages over the new one that you still miss. Which is why the video above curtesy of Digital Trends might make you feel a few emotions as you go through it. TV fans might also find Plasma TVs as a surprise on this list, but that’s because Plasma TVs and LED TVs or even OLED TVs aren’t the same. Another notable entry is Vine (you know, the app that Ray Vines actually started on), which also met an unfortunate end.
The saddest part however, is the quickfire life support entry, which include the headphone jack, owning your software and media files (cringe) and even USB-A ports (the ones you’re likely using right now). It literally brings chills down my spine every time I think of that, and again a lot of these products or technologies being phased out are for the sake of profit, not progress, but I guess we’ll have to see how it all works out.
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