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How To Create A Slideshow In Windows 10

A little something to play around with on your PC…

Windows 10 is a lot of peoples preferred operating system and probably your operating system if you are reading this but whats an operating system without a few kinks of its own. I recently noticed that most people don’t know how to create a slideshow in windows 10 but not to fear I’m here to fix that problem with just a few steps you can create the slideshow theme of your dreams besides whats a tech website without a few how to guides of its own.
Step 1: Finding the Change Background Image Menu
Okay so the first step is really simple all that you have to do is go to your start menu and type background image settings and then it takes you to the background Image menu which looks something like this:
STEP 2: Switching from A Single Picture to Slideshow
This part is pretty easy now all we have to do is click on the picture drop down menu which shows various options like so:
Now once the menu looks like this, click on the slideshow option to switch from single picture to slideshow.
STEP 3: Choosing A Slideshow Folder
They really changed Windows 10 in the way that you create your slideshow in the sense that with the previous windows operating systems you could just go into the themes section of the settings menu and just click create new theme but sadly with Windows 10 that doesn’t exist. Ok so enough chitchat lets get to business, so now all we have to do is click on the browse button of the change background image menu like so:
Ok so my folder for my slideshow is NR (don’t ask what it means), so to select your preferred folder just click on the Browse button and this will appear:
Ok so now all you do is click on the choose folder button and there you have it you now have your own slideshow (plus you also get to feel like a computer genius).
STEP 4: The Theme
After a hard day of slideshow making, you will feel like making this an actual theme and not having to go through the gruesome process of selecting your folder again. So now all we do is click on the themes section of the personalization screen (also that’s also how you get there from the settings menu just click on personalization) and then click save theme like so:
Now you just type in your preferred name and now you are all done (wasn’t that hard now was it).
And there you have it ladies and gentlemen that’s how you create your slideshow in Windows 10. Also, this is my first article so please go easy on the comments. And don’t forget to read our next article about the best smartphones of 2019 from low range to flagship and what we as The Zimbabwean Perspective thought of them.

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