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The First Official Fast & Furious console game…..doesn’t look too great

But Maybe it’s too early to judge….

If you grew up being a huge Need For Speed fan, you might have noticed a lot of similarities between it and the Fast and Furious movies especially in the mid 2000’s street racing titles like NFS Undercover and Most Wanted. In fact, it was sort of an acknowledged joke that Need For Speed games were unofficial Fast and Furious games, and even multiple NFS game studios admitted to gaining inspiration from the movies. But Need For Speed games are still their own beast, and especially with the new spy-comic book movie level direction that the Fast and Furious franchise has taken , an official triple-A game for the franchise seemed like a no-brainer and now we finally have that in Fast and Furious: Crossroads. Except, based on the first trailer, the game doesn’t look great.

Now full disclosure, it’s only the trailer that has been released and this may likely be alpha build footage of the game, which definitely means the game could improve. But based on what we’ve seen so far and especially comparing it to alpha footage from other games, the last thing this fast and furious game seems to be is inspiring. Just look at Vin Diesel’s face if you want confirmation of that! The game also seems to be aimed for a street racing/cart racing hybrid style of play. Which i honestly don’t mind. In fact I’m willing to leave room for that creative approach alone to wow me, but I’m also incredibly skeptical. As a Fast and Furious fan, I could easly rant on and on about how the game seems to give the cars you drive weapons and not the cool grappling hooks or parachutes and so on that Dom and Co. use in the movie to creatively take down the bad guys. But I”l put that aside. All I’m really scared of is this game helping to bring back the licensed game curse from the mid 2000s, where games based on movies , comics or other existing properties were terrible half-baked experiences meant to boost the profits from a recent release of the movie/show/comic they were based on , which lines up perfectly with the next fast and furious movie that’s planned to be released on May 21st 2020.
But again, this is all speculation, which I really hope is proven wrong, after all it was sad that Need For Speed didn’t do well when they tried to jump in the movie space, the last thing we need is for Fast and Furious to fail the same way when they try out gaming. Only tie will tell of course, and we’ll just have to see how it all ends up.
Give us your thoughts on the new fast and furious game and tell us whether or not you’ll be interested in buying it.

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