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Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy is a movie that imagines it’s like to be all those characters you kill in GTA.

This might make you think about being nicer to NPCs in video games…

Video game movies are still not the most successful genre of movie adaptations, but in recent years movies that take inspiration from video games have seemed to have worked out a lot better. Last year’s Ready Player One and 2012’s Wreck-It-Ralph can easily come to mind, being games that don’t directly adapt a specific video game into a movie, but take inspiration from one or more games and adapt them into something unique. The latter has actually spawned a sequel, in last year’s Ralph Breaks the internet, and we imagine Parent company Disney have realized there’s enough here to work with to try making more movies inspired by video games, bringing us to our latest Ryan Reynolds flick, next year’s Free Guy.
Now as we mentioned in the article title, Free guy seems to be a movie players of Grand Theft Auto or other open world games will easily relate to. Remember all those non playable characters that populate the world of those games, who you likely shoot, run over, kill and essentially abuse in all sorts of twisted ways simply because they’re not real? Well imagine if those characters had a mind of their own, and feelings, and maybe even dreams. This is essentially the premise of the whole movie and while anyone who’s watched the aforementioned Ralph movies and even the first Lego Movie will feel some familiar story beats emerging, we’re pretty sure none of those movies had GTA as an inspiration or Ryan Reynolds as a lead character. Of course, skepticism is warranted, considering the trailer starts off by pointing out how this is made by the same studio that brought us the Lion King remake, but hopefully there’s enough here to keep everyone satisfied and entertained.
In the end, we’ll see when the movie comes out in July next year, but for now for all your crossover dosage of tech, entertainment and life as we know it, keep it here at TZP.


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