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Ecocash Sends out apologetic message to customers after almost 3 weeks of barely functional service.

There’s a One Republic song EcoCash might need to listen to..

We already covered how EcoCash’s system upgrade over two weeks ago crippled the system and has since affected all aspects of the mobile money platform, especially integrations with various banks as well, including sister company Steward Bank. To say the whole issue has left us….frustrated would be an understatement, and unfortunately this is the case for many a Zimbabwean out there as well, as endless numbers of people keep bringing up issues of incomplete transactions that have depleted their wallet balances or bank to wallet transactions that have done the same or vice versa. It’s not a good look for EcoCash at all and after weeks of silence it seems the company has finally reached out to customers in an apologetic statement to try and ask for their patience shown below.
Now of course whether this statement actually does anything for the affected customers is a whole different issue entirely, as most people are in no mood for accepting a single apology, and one could argue that three weeks is a bit too late for people to just try and understand what EcoCash is going through on their end. As we already mentioned last week, the company essentially holds the most dominant form of trade in the country, letting it go even through a slight technical mishap is an issue, but having it hold up people’s transactions, seemingly lose their money and fail randomly for three weeks is a borderline disaster. The fact that the government hasn’t stepped in in one form or another is still baffling, even if people fear the punishment EcoCash may get may be too drastic. Again, EcoCash, Cassava and Econet in general need to get their act together, as this is a mistake that’s lasting long enough for everyone to notice, and after all this blows over, at the very least tens of thousands of people will be reconsidering ever putting their eggs in the EcoCash basket and aim to go somewhere else instead.
We’ll keep you posted on further developments of the EcoCash situation. For more local tech coverage stay here on TZP.

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