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Yesterday marked the original release of the first Sony PlayStation, and this video gives an interesting insight into developing games for it.

An interesting look at the console that changed everything..

If you’re a gamer, whether here in Zim or otherwise, chances are you’ve played, lived with or at the very least have always been aware of Sony PlayStation. The Japanese company’s family of consoles have reshaped gaming ever since the 1990’s and left their mark on gaming culture and wider pop culture as a whole. Whether you loved the PS2, are currenty in love with the PS4, or even miss your PSP or Vita, Sony’s gaming consoles struck a place in nearly all our hearts, and it’s often interesting to see how they have changed over the years. But as yesterday was the 25th anniversary for the original PlayStation’s release date, we thought we would give you an interesting look into the console’s development cycle as well as what it was like to work on games for it from some former PS game developers.
We hope the video gives you a few interesting tidbits as well, and makes you think of how far gaming has come over the past 25 years.
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