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The Arrowverse’s Crisis on infinite Earth’s aims to be the Avengers:Endgame of Superhero TV shows(and might even be more ambitious).

And it’s concept is a lot crazier….

So, Avengers: Endgame. We know it, we most likely loved it, and for most of us it was likely the best ending for a 10 year old ,22 movie arch of what’s essentially on big Marvel superhero story. But while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the box office and global cinema culture as we know it, the DC-based Arrowverse has established arguably the best alternative to the MCU on our TV screens . The shows Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow (and now Supergirl , Batwoman and Black Lightning) have created an enjoyable connected story of their own, with big Avengers-movie style crossovers each year. And now, with Arrow ending and the status quo of most of those stories aiming to be changed, the Arrowverse aims to have it’s own big ending (of sorts) with Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Now to put it simply , the crossover event is essentially The Arrowverse seemingly pulling out all the stops. As mentioned before yearly crossovers have become pretty synonymous with the franchise, even outperforming the Bigger DCEU based counterparts ,for example 2017’s Crisis on Earth X(yes the names get confusing) was critically rated as much better than the more focused on Justice League movie that year. In fact it seems like it was at least partially because of Crisis on Earth X that Crisis on Infinite Earths was born. It’s staggering success made the writers and showrunners in charge of the Arrowverse begin to plan a larger ,two part overarching story that would essentially culminate two years later, while also having had seeds sowed for it dating back as far as the first season of The Flash TV show. Anyone who’s an MCU fan can probably see the familiarities in storytelling approaches here, and to say the Arrowverse hasn’t taken a few creative inspirations from the MCU would be a lie. In fact , one of the best thing about the Arrowverse and it’s shows is how the franchise started on it’s back foot, essentially being disregarded by higher-ups at parent company Warner Brothers until it’s approach of borrowing the best elements from the comics, other contemporary TV shows and even the competition made the Arrowverse shows something truly special. Now that storyline that’s been years in the making is coming to a head, and it seems to be building just the right amount of Hype around fans.
In fact Crisis on Infinite Earths might mark the Arrowverse going a little crazy as far as their ambition is concerned, as while the event will feature all main characters and heroes from the main five Arrowverse shows and the newly incorporated Black Lightning as a sixth, it will also be seemingly banking on a lot of past DC nostalgia by incorporating almost EVERY DC show or movie that existed before the Arrowverse, making characters from those franchises all factor into the story somehow. This includes Smallville, the ten-season long Superman prequel series which essentially was a precursor to the Arrowverse, the 1990’s Flash TV show , the 2005 Superman Returns movie, The 2002 Birds of Prey Tv series, a Batman appearance that will be a combination of the kingdom come comic as well as the Batman Beyond cartoon series , and even the 1960’s Batman show will be incorporated somehow, among other expected cameos. Now if that sounds like a little much to you, you’re not the only ones, but considering this is the same franchise that launched itself off the back of bow and arrow wielding C-List superhero that many called a Batman Rip-off, we won’t count them doing the impossible and making all these characters work somehow.
This Photo alone of Tom Welling back as Clark Kent had fans raving.
Speaking of that archery-based hero, It seems Arrow’s ending will give this crossover the emotional appeal it will need for a lot of people as well. The show is in it’s eighth and final season with nearly every episode aiming to tie up loose ends and remind people that the show is over in a sense. Green Arrow actor Steven Amell also essentially aimed for the show to end at this point, and it was probably a stroke of genius to end the show during the crossover as well, hopefully giving a great end to the characters journey as the Godfather of this franchise and ending one of the most consistent and solid lead performances as a superhero for this past decade.
But of course, all our speculation aside, we’ll see the true impact of Crisis on Infinite Earth’s on Sunday, and hopefully we won’t be disappointed. We put a few explainer videos in the article but if you feel you need any more guidance on shows or episodes to watch in order to catch everything going on, let us know in the comments or on our social media pages and our resident geeks (yours truly included) will help you out.


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