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Month: December 2019

The Best Smartphones Of 2019

We picked the best of what an amazing year had to offer

This video on tech that died this decade reminds you not to get too attached to products (while also reminding us that these things are just made to make money)

May their memory cells rest in peace…. From the MP3 to DVDs to Windows Phone itself, this past decade killed as much tech products as it created. Whole of course most of this is the simple sake of progress,…

2019:The year in tech for Zimbabwe

A look back over our (violent) rollercoaster of a year

How To Create A Slideshow In Windows 10

A few tips to customize your Windows 10 Desktop

The most definitive tech products of the past decade.

From Smartphones to PCs to Cars, this is the tech that moved us forward both locally and internationally this decade

It’s probably time you tried out podcasts.

Something new to do when there’s no ZESA……