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Need for speed Heat Reviews: Oh YEEEESSSSS!

How did it take you this long to fix this EA? You know what, we don’t care, we’re just glad it’s fixed.

We already talked about Need For Speed Heat in the past, mentioning how the new game definitely has us excited, but we were fearful of being let down again. And well, there’s really no other to say this besides….it’s a pretty great game! The reviews for Heat have been rolling in for the past week and the consensus is actually pretty aligned with our initial thoughts: it’s a great blend of classic street racing mechanics from 2000s greats like Most Wanted and Underground 2 with all the improvements and streamlining from the Criterion era NFS games such as Rivals and 2010’s Hot Pursuit. Simply put, think of some of the best parts of those games and put them together and you have Heat, and honestly as a long time NFS fan, that’s pretty much all I’ve been asking for.

Need For Speed as a franchise hasn’t had the best track record in the PS4-Xbox One gaming generation , with Rivals being a rehash of  past concepts with nothing new to really add, the 2015 NFS reboot was actually really good but required an internet connection to play and the less I say about 2017’s Payback, the better. We’ve mentioned all this before, and we’re mentioning it again for you to gain context on how bad the situation was getting for the franchise. And true a critic could claim that just gave Heat a low bar to clear, and while they wouldn’t be completely wrong, they definitely would be overlooking many of the compelling features the game brings. Most notably, the Day/Night setting of the game makes it’s Miami inspired palm city feel more authentic than any open world that has come before I the series. With different racing modes, rewards, and police aggression levels depending on when the sun’s up, the game gives you enough reason to pay attention and actually strategize as to how you’ll  take on each of the game’s daytime modes to further your career. It even adds to the better overall story, about street racers taking on now corrupt police officials. It’s nothing Oscar worthy (I mean even the Fast and Furious movies this parallels aren’t worthy of that) but we reckon it at least gives one enough to go on to care about why they’re racing in this fictional world to begin with. Add a tighter control system, improvements to NFS 2015’s already impressive customization system, actually challenging police chases (though a little unfair) and a great roster of cars, and you’ve got yourself a great racing game, more importantly , a great Need For Speed game. Honestly, it was worrying how EA had lost track for this long. Oh and you can play this offline too, because apparently one has to confirm that these days.
Overall, Need For Speed Heat is finally the return to form fans of the franchise have definitely been waiting for, you should be able to check out a demo for PC if you want to try it out and well, hopefully the rest of us get the full game in our hands soon enough…somehow.

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