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This reminder video on the structure of Zimbabwe’s sanctions is surprisingly something a lot of Zimbabweans need.

Because there’s a whole level of Myth about the Nature of Sanctions now.

So we all know why we didn’t go to work or school today(and arguably why you have the time to read this). Our government decided to declare today a national day of protesting against the many sanctions that Zimbabwe is facing. And while sanctions for many are a word that immediately comes up when asked what’s wrong with our country , a lot of us are actually quite under-educated when it comes to totally describing the nature of those sanctions. One could argue this is why so many narratives are spun based around them , and while the State of The Nation video above isn’t exactly the epitome of detailed reports about the our country’s sanctions, it does at the very least give a basic level understanding of them as well. This isn’t stuff that any Zimbabwean following our economic challenges doesn’t know, but it is knowledge that can help catch many of us’ hazy knowledge on the issue. check it out and perhaps tell us your thoughts one everything said.

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