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Cassava Apologizes for the Sasai Spam messages Debacle

Well, we’ve certainly been here before…..

Makers of Sasai Cassava Smartech have apologised for their recent Sasai debacle this week, where users’ contacts where apparently being targeted by sms based spam messages to join the app or it’s promotions. The issue even gained the attention of POTRAZ and it seems this made the people at Cassava decide to slow down a little. An apology statement can be seen below:

The instance of several messages received by some customers as part of the ongoing SASAI $10 million Chaka-Chaya paSASAI promotion has since been rectified, and SASAI regrets any inconvenience caused.

Messages raising awareness about SASAI had been going out before, but because of the promotional draw yesterday afternoon, some customers that have many friends who have downloaded the app, started getting several messages inviting them to try the app and so increase their chances of winning something in the draw.

Now we aren’t sure if we completely believe the explanation given there, but to be honest most of us probably just care that the spam messages have stopped anyway. We’ll of course see how Cassava and Sasai behave in future, after all Econet subsidiaries misbehaving is a common theme, but hopefully somehow they have all turned a new leaf and we’ll see their better nature as time goes on (not likely).
Give us your thoughts on Sasai, Cassava, or Econet in general in the comments or on our socials.

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