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MisRed’s RedMarket Sunday reiterates a lesson Zimbabwean startup can never be taught enough times: Help each other out!

A reminder for us to all band together…

Radio personality and local celebrity MisRed has started a new initiative called RedMarket Sunday, aimed at showcasing and advertising local start-ups and SME’s on Twitter through promotion from MisRed’s own account. It’s an in admirable and noble idea from the celebrity, who will be doing it free of charge seemingly for nothing else but the promotion of her fellow Zimbabweans. The initiative also goes one step further to iterate a point many Zimbabwean entrepreneurs know by now and some practice: never stop helping each other grow and promoting each other.

Being a start-up in Zimbabwe is its own unique kind of struggle in a country rife with them, and having anyone to help get your business off the ground is nearly always a good thing. If that other person is another entrepreneur to share ideas with, advertise with/through or generally gain support from, then that’s even better, as you’re gaining support from someone who likely understands what you’re going through. And especially in such a time where everyone in our country keeps retreating into themselves and keeping their cards close to the chest, a little branching out and joining together is exactly the edge many of us may need to survive this storm. What was that line from Black Panther again? Build bridges, not walls? Either way the fact that a local media personality and celebrity even realizes this and makes the effort to remind us all of this by acting in her own good faith to promote multiple entrepreneurs is the type of inspiration that should push us all to help our fellow innovator out. A retweet, a shout out, an introduction to a useful link, let’s all do what we can to help our local startups rise, and if all goes well, the country will rise along with them.
Tell us your thoughts on #RedMarketSunday, and tell us if you’ll be taking a look at it every Sunday from 12 pm to 6pm.

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