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So FIFA 20 vs. PES 20: Seems PES might take it this year(but does it matter?)

Here we go….

So we’ve already talked about how FIFA is essentially Zimbabwe’s biggest game, and how it rose to such prominence, but each year as a new FIFA game comes out, there’s a Japanese-made offering from Konami that many have concluded as better: Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA vs. PES is an age old rivalry now, one that FIFA has largely won as far as popularity is concerned while PES seems to hold it’s own as far as soccer physics fanatics are concerned. It’s almost like Need for Speed vs Gran Turismo or Forza, where the realism of one makes it better while the fantasized approach of the other makes it more popular. This year’s offerings for both FIFA and PES seem to represent these differences,and based on their IGN ratings, PES might be the better game this year (again?)
Now of course this is always a subjective matter, after all people who choose FIFA tend to do so for a reason and the same goes with PES. But if you’ve watched the two reviews above you can see how FIFA’s new improvements or features haven’t really bettered  the overall game while PES’ lack of change has actually kept it’s overall better rated physics and gaming experience better than FIFA’s. PES fans will appreciate the improved licensing deals, and even stealing Juventus from FIFA this year in an exclusive deal that leaves them being called Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20, but PES obviosuly still isn’t a match for the overall football fan experience that FIFA nails from its menus ,to it’s overall career and league experiences. Contrary to popular belief however, PES has better facial animations and representations of players than FIFA does, which does have more vibrant lighting emulating the effect of seemingly better graphics, but actually not necessarily beating PES when it comes to graphical representation. (You can see a video comparison on PC Below). FIFA’s new VOLTA street soccer mode is also an interesting take on the game, and while it could never match “hweshe remuroad” (Zimbabwean street soccer), it’s still an interesting switch from the typical FIFA formula. There’s also the case of Micro-transactions, a plague that has spread throughout modern games as of late, and one that no one wants, let alone countries like ours where over 90% of players will essentially not get the fully game experience because they can’t buy those additional perks, skins or even players in certain conditions. FIFA pushes Micro-transactions much more heavily than PES, with certain content being locked behind them, while PES still allows you to gain everything (so far) with the in-game currency. It’s not the biggest factor of course, but again, another thing you might want to think of if you’re actually in a position to choose between the two.
Either way, as we said before, it’s likely going to be a matter of preference. FIFA fans will likely stick to what they know, and PES fans will continue to see themselves as the master race. But, if you have a chance to see what the other camp enjoys, I suggest you at least take a peak at it, you might enjoy what you see.
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