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NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 6000 powered StudioBooks aim to make the MacBook Pros a forgotten memory.

NVIDIA is coming……..


Chances are, if you’re a creative type of any sort (graphic designer,video editor etc) you’ve been following a common tech myth for the past few years: use a Mac, they’re the best machines for graphical work. Here’s thing the, the myth is exactly just that, a myth, one ingeniously created by Apple advertising ever since the late 2000’s but a myth just the same. In fact, chances are if you really wanted graphical grunt and power, especially in more recent years, you knew that the Windows side had more to work with especially because of NVIDIA GPUs , which Apple has rather foolishly lost support for over the last few years. If you use a Mac, you’re relegated to using AMD’s offerings, and while recently they’ve definitely started giving us more reason to notice them, NVIDIA are still king when it comes to grunt and performance, and they want you to remember that with their new StudioBook initiative. Basically these are practically overpowered core i9 or at the very least i7 laptop beasts that come with NVIDIA’s RTX  Quadro cards that pretty much make your laptop capable of replacing a towering PC workstation as far as power is concerned.
ASUS’s ProArt StudioBook one
The StudioBook effort is being pushed by companies such as ASUS and Acer and is definitely aimed at eradicating the MacBook Pro as far as sheer power is concerned( more powerful Windows laptops have always existed but it seems NVIDIA wants the Mac to be killed by sheer overkill when it comes to power). All the Quadro powered laptops seem incredibly sim too for workstations and of course everyone is excited to see what they can actually do. Either way, this war over content creators is getting more interesting by the day, especially with companies like Microsoft throwing in new Surface hardware next month and more laptops to be revealed throughout the week.
Do you think these new StudioBook laptops are impressive? Whats your current laptop? Tell us more in the comments below.


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