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So Android will be called Android 10. Admit it Google, you ran out of names.

Tell us all the excuses you want, we’re not buying it.

For a few months now, Android Q, the next big Android OS update has been making rounds as a beta among developers and tech enthusiasts showing them what the future of Android will hold. Here’s the crazy part though ,Android has been naming Android versions after deserts for as long as people can remember for as long as most people can remember. Android P was Pie, Android G was Gingerbread , N was Nougat and so on. But with Android Q, seems Google was having as hard a time as everyone else on actually agreeing what to call Android Q because well, there’s very few good options for desert names that start with Q (besides maybe Queen cake?)and now it seems even Google themselves have thrown in the towel and just decided to change Android’s whole naming scheme starting with Android Q itself, which has been renamed to Android 10.
Now apparently this was part of Google’s whole corporate rebranding strategy to make everything in Google’s ecosystem more accessible from it’s services to it’s devices to the looks of all those things(at least the video above seem to support that). We’re not saying that’s a lie, but come on, Google called Android Q that name for months now , and likely even years before that.There is no way this was always the plan. Call me a ranter, but honestly, but right now I’ll personally say Google ran out of names, simple as that. We get to laugh about it and watch as the company pushes forward. But dear Google, don’t tell us it’s all some part of your rebranding effort. Did the rebrand help you come up with Android 10? Likely. Did it always tell you to change the Android naming system? Probably. Was this always the plan though? No. Not at all. At least that’s not how I see it. And in this bleak world we live in , it’s nice to know companies like Google can give me something to laugh at.
Tell us what you think of Google’s Android rebrand. Think it’s a last minute decision or was it always a plan?

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