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Avengers:Endgame is out on Digital Release!

And all those less-than-legal places you download it from.

Easily the biggest movie of the year (and now of all time as far as grossing money at the box office is concerned), Avengers: Endgame is finally out on digital platforms (and can probably be found on those not so legal piracy sites you like to visit too). Marvel’s juggernaut event of a movie has gain universal praise as being arguably the best movie to ever be produced out of it’s cinematic universe, and with movie ticket prices going crazy since this year began, watching Endgame was a pleasure many had to skip with a heavy heart back in April when it was released. Well, if you somehow dodged all the spoilers and found ways to completely stay away from the movie’s influence for the past few months, you can finally treat yourself to it in full blown High Definition (please don’t tell us you went and pirated those horrible looking versions). Users of DSTV’s box office service (yes, all five of you) should be able to view the movie soon as well. We at TZP totally loved the Superhero event and hop you all have a great time watching it too. Oh, and we’ll definitely be posting spoiler heavy content in relation to this from now on, you have been warned.
What are your thoughts on Avengers: Endgame? Is it the greatest superhero movie you’ve ever watched? Is it much more than that? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and on all our socials.


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