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Saver: Quick tips to save power on all your devices

Because who wants their devices running out of power…

Battery management in Zimbabwe has become much more crucial with all our ZESA nightmares becoming true due to stage two load shedding. The situation only seems to be getting worse for most of us so we figured it’s best we show you a few tricks to keep your devices on for longer. We’ll keep showing you more tricks and specifics apps as the weeks go on but for now, here are some universal tricks to save power on your phones, laptops, tablets and so on.


  1. Power saver/ Battery saver modes.

This one’s pretty obvious but for those who have never really looked into it, activating your PC or phone’s built-in battery saver will likely handle most of your power saving needs for you. For iOS Android and Windows phone devices this can usually be found in the notification panel or settings under battery or power. Windows 10 PCs come with this feature in the Action Center shown above while Windows 7 PCs will likely require you tick the battery icon on the taskbar and see what options your PC gives you.


2. Turn down your Brightness.

Your Display is always one of the most power hungry aspects of your device, and controlling how bright it is always helps your battery out. This is why you should turn your brightness down, especially at night when the room is likely dark anyway. Turning it all the way down can even increase your battery life to double the amount.


3. Background Apps and Data

Background apps and background data are always and issue when it comes to eating through our data bundles, but when they start eating through your battery life too it becomes borderline unforgivable. So going into your app settings for your phone and managing which apps run in the background can help. And of course don’t run multiple apps at once if there’s no need for it. Limiting background data is also a plus.

4. Turn off Data when not using it.

The mobile Antennas on your phone are basically number 3 behind the display and processor when it comes to eating up your battery life, hence letting your phone keep using Data when it’s not required kind of seems redundant and wasteful. If you’re not o WhatsApp or the web and prefer to use your phone for purposes such as reading or listening to music, then turn the data off.

5. Dark Mode EVERYTHING!

Now dark modes are becoming really popular as of late with both iOS and Android rushing to have official version in their power saver modes, and a big reason for that is that despite a lot of people just thinking they look cool, they actually help a bit when it comes to power preservation too. Now only the lates iOS and android versions come with dark mode built in, but some android phones have had the option for quite a bit now, and apps like GB WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook messenger and browsers like UC browser come with dark mode/night mode support a well. Windows Phone has had dark mode since its inception and Windows 10 PCs support it even in the normal file explorer and some aspects of Microsoft Office.
Well there’s our starting list and we will keep updating you with handy ways to save power on your devices. Tell us in the comments below or on our socials what tricks you use to save power.


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