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How to avoid Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones spoilers (or spoilers for anything else really)

Admit it, you know you need this….

We’ve already talked about Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame a lot on this site and we’re well aware of the hype around them. What’s even crazier however is that both these properties have been not only been living up to that hype but surpassing it even, with Endgame in particular being a must-watch for every Marvel fan. But that same excellence for both these titles is what makes running into spoilers about them even worse as it may ruin an amazing experience. Not to mention social media make social media your literal worst enemy as at any moment your Twitter ,Instagram or Facebook feed could become ground zero for experience busting spoilers about any show or movie you want to watch. As such we looked around for a few apps or browser extensions (you can find out more about those here), that can help you avoid any unwanted details about Avengers, GoT or any other show you don’t want the internet to ruin for you.

Spoiler Protection 2.0( Browser extension:iOS ,Android, Firefox, Chrome)

See? told you it’s aggressive.

As stated above, you can get this helpful little tool for basically every phone or main internet browser. The Firefox extension can even be used in Firefox’s Android and iOS apps so you don’t need to get a separate app for it. Spoiler works by really aggressively blocking any keyword you ask it to block from basically anything on the net, from social media to even a Google search. You just tell it what to block and it gets right to work. The blocking can even be borderline too aggressive, stopping images or videos associated with the keyword from working too. You can find download links below:




Unspoiler(Chrome & Chromium browsers like Opera)

A more popular desktop only browser extension, Unspoiler is an impressively advanced way of blocking spoilers. In comparison to Spoiler Protection, it can load articles but blocking their headlines, sometimes give warnings, and generally block spoilers to everything without necessarily needing to virtually beat it into submission like Spoiler protection does. Which is why it’s unfortunate that it only works on PC’s and for Chrome or Chromium based browsers.


Spoilers Blocker (Android)

Now this one isn’t the most elegant solution either, but we do think it gets the job done. Spoilers Blocker basically draws a dark line or lines that cover any content about something you don’t want spoiled. Again, it’s only available on one platform, in this case Android, but hopefully it spreads to iOS soon as well.

Android Download.

Spoiler Block(iOS)

If you’re an iOS fan you know there’s still an option for you, and Spoiler Block is it(we know these names get the point across but we really wish these developers would’ve gotten more creative with them). This app blocks keywords from your web browser and Twitter apparently, though we’d advise you not to go tempting fate on the latter. You can find the download link below.

iOS Download

Muting words on Twitter

This one is fairy well known but it seems to skip some of you could use the handy tip as well so we you can click here for a guide on how to do it for any device.



Well, we’re a tech site not a life coach, but we figure blocking any friend who can’t seem to keep their mouth shut for the foreseeable week or so should rid you of their spoiling fever. We can’t guarantee the safety of your friendship, but we think it might be worth it to save you from movie-shattering spoilers( we’re not a life coach remember)

And that about rounds up our spoiler blocking tutorial. Tell us if you have any other spoiler blocking tactics we’ve missed and let us know about them in the comments below.



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