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Which movies to watch before Avengers: Endgame (and their order to watch them)

Because like a college student, we all want to catch up at the last minute…


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has people anxious with anticipation for Avengers: Endgame which comes out in literally a few days. And of course while everyone and their best friend want to watch it, not exactly everyone knows what’s going on in the movie. The same thing happened last year with Avengers : Infinity War and to avoid the amount of “Who’s that guy?” questions die hard fans were plagued with after and during the movie, here’s a handy list from us on all the MCU movies in order, that  you need to catch up on before watching Endgame, along with their importance to the plot for endgame which we even nicely ranked into three different categories : Skip, Important and Very important. Also, the order we put is not the order these movies were released as you can see in the trailer above. This is a more chronological viewing order that we think will make the overall story flow much smoother for anyone watching as well. And don’t forget to watch the After credit scenes people, they start off as minor jokes and little teases, but get much more important as the movies continue. Now let’s get to it.


Iron Man(Very Important)

Ok this one is a bit of a no-brainer guys, Iron Man started the MCU and pretty much set up the tone for the franchise and it’s characters. Skipping it would be akin to sin, and it’s still one of the best solo movies the franchise has to offer.

The Incredible Hulk (Skip)

I’m one of the few people who actually low key loves The Incredible Hulk and Edward Norton’s performance in it. But to be honest one could still be introduced to the Hulk in The Avengers and be just fine. As much as I like to show the final battle on this movie, pass.


Iron Man 2(Skip)

Iron man has long been the centerpiece of the MCU with only Captain America able to match him in importance. But while all three Captain America’s movies are really important to the MCU in general, this Iron Man movie really just exists to introduce Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Black Widow, who again can all be introduced in The Avengers as well. So you can skip this one and just reads what happens on it on a Marvel Wiki.


Thor (Important)

The most tonally different of the first MCU movies, Thor is a Shakespearean fantasy adventure that introduce as to elements such as the important infinity stones, the fact that more than just humans exist in the MCU , and one of it’s best villains to date with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Like Iron man 2, it sets up a lot of elements for The Avengers, but it does it in a fun enough way to not feel like you time is wasted.

Captain America: The First Avenger(Important)

If the title of the movie wasn’t a hint, the first outing of Marvel’s big boy blue is pretty pivotal to the story of the MCU. Mostly an introductory movie to the character, it lends itself really nicely as a way to get into watching The Avengers which followed the successive year.

The Avengers(you’re kidding us if you don’t think this is Very Important)

If watching the last two movies was about to tire you out, this is the movie that makes it feel all worth it. 2012’s first Avengers outing was the movie that made the MCU make sense. Even if you know these characters are going to interact it still feels amazing them come together on-screen. The Avengers was the first mega-win for the MCU, and trust us, there are a lot more on this list.


Iron Man 3( Important)

Iron Man 3 separates itself a bit from the huge MCU world it’s character would’ve just encountered in The Avengers , but it shows that it had to and Tony had to to basically try and regain his sanity . “Gods, aliens, holes in the sky. I’m just a man in a can” is a line that pretty much sums up the movie as it shows how Tony Stark is struggling with the trauma after the first Avengers film, especially since his larger than life ego aside, he might be the most human guy on the team. It also starts the story-line of his guilt and paranoia of what was to come in Infinity War, the same paranoia that led to a lot of questionable decisions in the movies to come.


Thor: The Dark World(Skip)

Honestly speaking, the second Thor movie has an infinity stone in it so that technically makes it important, but it’s not the most fun movie to watch and we want to keep your momentum up. That being said read it up on a wiki, important stuff does happen in this one so you may want to check that out.

Guardians of the Galaxy(Very Important)

Now some people where actually surprised that this movie is in the MCU when the Guardians appeared in Infinity War. But not only is it important in introducing some of the craziest and funniest characters the MCU has to offer, but it also offers insight into the big bad of the franchise Thanos, from his ties to Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, to how he had basically been gathering the Infinity Stones through agents other than Loki this whole time. And come on, it has Groot in it, who doesn’t want to watch a movie with Groot in it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier(Important)

If you’re somehow crazy enough to skip the entries we’ve marked as important, please don’t skip this one. While The Winter Soldier doesn’t add to the story of the infinity stones, it does add a lot of depth and stakes to Captain America and Black Widow, along with introducing hugely important characters as well in the titular Winter Soldier and Falcon. And remember that how we talked about a multi-movie story arch for Iron Man based on his paranoia? Another multi story arch for Captain America begins here of learning how trust has faded in the modern world, how the organisations he used to believe in are corrupt, and the only people he can trust are the closest individuals around him.Watch this, seriously.

Avengers: Age of Ultron(Very Important)

Age of Ultron somehow gets overlooked by the general public likely for not being as ground-breaking as the first Avengers movie, but this is literally as good a movie if not better in many regards. The movie introduces now pivotal characters Scarlett Witch and Vision, deals with the aftermath of Winter Soldier, and works as a great setup for Captain America: Civil War by using Tony’s fears to create something that almost killed the Avengers. It also has one of the best opening scenes in the whole MCU and a nice little tease to Avengers: Endgame too. See if you can spot it.


Ant-Man (Important)

Perhaps the most overlooked franchise in the MCU, Ant-Man has always been created to be a bit of a comedic reprise from the rest of the MCU , with the character’s movies often coming after a big climactic Avengers movie too. The first movie goes on to introduce the character and premise in a fun , inventive heist movie with amazing characters you just can’t wait to interact with more of the MCU in later movies(we’re still waiting for a Louise and Korg meetup)

Captain America: Civil War(Very Important)

Literally The Avengers 2.5 , Civil War is one of the most important movies in the whole MCU. It sets up important future characters in Black Panther and Spider-Man, while showing the clashing ideologies of Iron Man and Cap. A lot on Earth in the MCU wasn’t the same after this movie , so watching it is beyond a must. And in case you haven’t realised it, we kept quiet on facts about this one to avoid spoilers.


Doctor Strange(Important)

Another character people started to go back and watch after his importance in Infinity War, Doctor Strange is the movie that rides a fine line between science fiction and straight up weird voodoo, but is an awesome movie to watch regardless. It brings the only MCU loveable jerk that can easily give Iron a run for his money, and a redemption and acceptance story that rivals many movies in general. Also, it has the coolest infinity stone showcase period.


Spider-Man:Homecoming(less important)

Yes we just introduced a sub-category with this movie, but that’s because it brings a lot of crazy important character development for both Spider-Man and Iron Man. Along with introducing another compelling MCU villain in the Vulture. But honestly speaking, despite this being another refreshing MCU comedy, it’s not really important to the overall story especially leading to infinity war, so you can watch this one based on your own choices.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (Important)

We actually thought of putting a “Less Important” sticker on this one, but we realised there’s too many important character moments in this movie. When you see the Guardians again in Infinity War , you can understand why they’re different from when you see them in the first movie, and Vol. 2 is the reason why. It’s a crazy entertaining romp, and we’re sure a few people are still hurt that baby Groot And Captain Marvel’s Goose won’t get their own movie/team-up moment. But hey, you never know.


Black Panther(Important)

Chances are this is one of the few movies in the MCU everyone has watched. And it largely is worth the attention it got. Panther is the first proper Oscar winner for the franchise and goes a long way to show the character’s evolution beyond his vengeful persona that he had in Civil War. a huge emphasis on the importance of Wakanda to future MCU films is shown too. So it goes without saying, most of you will want to watch this.


Thor:Ragnarok(Very Important)

If you by any chance thought outside of his powers Thor was sort of the most boring Avenger, we don’t blame you. And that’s why this movie specifically changed that. Ragnarok is one of the funniest, most exciting and downright weird movies of the MCU, in other words, exactly what Thor as a character needed. It also finally addresses his long story arch of finally becoming a king, and allows him to get to that point on terms he might not have expected , but accepts nonetheless.Most importantly, it ends right where Infinity War begins so again, make sure to check out the after credits scene.

Ant-Man and The Wasp.(Important)

This actually is one of the two MCU movies that were released after Infinity War, but are set before it. And while the intended of this movie effect was probably to calm you down after Infinity War’s rather….drastic ending, we feel it’s better to watch this first chronologically. Like it’s predecessor , Ant-Man and The Wasp is also a comedy first and action movie second, but it’s one you’ll enjoy nonetheless and likely has a very important plot point that will be utilized in Endgame. So keep your ears open in this one. And the after credits scene to this should also leave you a bit shaken.

Avengers: Infinity War(Do we really have to say the importance of this again? Think of it as Endgame Part 1)

Finally, the endpoint, for about a week that is. If you somehow haven’t already heard a single thing about this movie, we’ll shut up and not spoil anything for you. Just get to watching it FAST. and we’re more than sure that once you finish, you’ll be as blown away and emotionally confused as most of us. At least you won’t have to suffer a year of waiting for Endgame though.

The one we skipped: Captain Marvel

Now if you watched the After credits scene for Infinity war, you may feel more inclined to watch Cap Marvel’s first movie. And don’t get us wrong, if you can catch a quick half price Tuesday showing of the movie please do. But if not, the good part is it’s honestly not important to the plot of Avengers Endgame outside of showing that the titular character and Nick Fury where friends long before the Avengers even existed. So thankfully, this one you can definitely skip for now. But should watch when you have time.

So that’s the list. Hope you guys can find a way to fully utilise it before the holiday runs out, and of course see you on the 24th when Endgame launches. Tell us if you want a review too.



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