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Here comes the PS5: All the details Sony unveiled this week

Console war round 8 begins

If you’ve been following any gaming news, you might know that Microsoft has been making a few moves with it’s Xbox consoles, revealing a digital only version just two days ago, but amusingly even that news was drowned by something the world wants to see more than an Xbox One variation: Sony’s PlayStation Five(or at least news of it).

Now any level headed gamer probably knew some version of a PS5 was on the way, and with arch rival Microsoft announcing it’s already working on the next version of the Xbox, Sony was obviusly going to start kicking PS5 work into high gear. Now in an exclusive interview with WIRED , lead architect Mark Cerny has revealed a few details about the PS5 to get fans excited. Chief among these is the beefy processor upgrades. When compared to PC’S the PS4 and Xbox One where already using much weaker processors and acceptable GPUs at best. What excused them of course was their special AMD APU approach which combined the CPU and GPU. But now the PS5’s processor will be based on the currently upcoming AMD Ryzen Zen 2 platform, which is promising a lot even for PC gamers when it’s unveiled at the Computex computer trade show in May(leaked benchmarks of some of these processors see them running at up to 5 Ghz in speed). These processors will actually also support something that AMD cards currently don’t support yet: Ray tracing. This is the technique of making light in games emulate light in real life and leads to much more real-life accurate pictures and lighting in games. Cerny even went on to say they want to use this technique to enhance the sound in the PS5 as well, making sound in the games behave similar to how it does in real life. This should offer a more immersive experience that should definitely be useful in the PS5’s VR features, which while no new headset has been announced yet, the PS5 will support the old PS VR  headset as well and likely improve its capabilities like the PS4 Pro does as well. And in maybe the most loved move Sony has made since the PS2 era, the PS5 will be able to play all your old PS4 games! No jokes, no PlayStation Now subscription needed like when you play PS3 games on a ps4 through cloud emulation. This is all native , most likely seamless running of PS4 games on the new console. This is because it’s built on the same architecture as the PS4 and this is great for both players and developers. Another thing that’s great for devs and players is that the PS5 will come with an integrated SSD , rather than a normal hard disk, which should improve game performance in ways that may seem minor but will make playing a game all the more fluid and enjoyable. In fact Cerny showed off both these new features by running 2014’s Spider-Man game on a prototype developer kit of the PS5 against a PS4 Pro and alongside the smoother performance, the game could also load a in 0.8 Seconds on the PS5 segments which it took 15 seconds to load on the PS4 pro. And finally, the PS5 will also allow 8K output , which is a little crazy considering games for the PS4 barely support 4K, but hey, it’s great for the spec sheet and I’m sure some titles may take advantage of this.

For now though, that’s the basic gist of what the PS5 will hold. Sony will apparently make more announcements as the year continues, even if it’s skipping E3 this year. Also the PS5 will definitely not be released this year, but we would say expect it around end of next year along with the next generation Xbox too.

Do you have a PS4 or have you ever owned any gaming console? Tell us what you think of the PS5 and how much you enjoy your own console.



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