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It’s official, Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile data in the world

Well, this doesn’t inspire any faith……..

There it is folks: you can see the highest price on that bar and that is exactly where we sit. (Image Credit: Cable)

Just this weekend I highlighted how Zimbabwe has one of the most expensive broadband internet prices as I talked about my usage of the Zolspot free Wi-fi zones. But it seems fate would have my hopes (and some of yours I’m sure) further dampened by the fact that our country officially has the highest mobile data prices in the world according to a study by Cable: a company that studies an compares internet infrastructure and prices in countries all over the world. Now the reason’s for this are quite a few , ranging from not having enough network infrastructure to the fact that the internet in this country is mainly provided by private firms who will be looking to make as much of a buck as possible from us.

Haven’t we been at the bottom of enough lists?

When and how this may change is obviously the type of situation that makes everyone bring up the E word (Economy) but I think this is the kind of thing that our government should pay more attention to. Zimbabwe has an immensely large and adequately educated workforce. Even before we go into programming and other techie careers there is a huge opportunity for a lot of people in this country to find new ways of earning a living by having better internet access. Of course getting into why that’s not happening is an issue for another time , but it is sad to see our country rounding of the bottom of another list(or being at the top for the wrong reasons)

You can download the report from cable here and study some of the specifics for yourself.



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