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The Samsung Galaxy S10 family : Everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy S10 family : Everything you need to know

The Galaxy S10 family in all it’s glory (Image Credit: CNET)

Last week Samsung finally showed of its new suite of Galaxy S10 phones(in an official capacity anyway since they had already been leaked to oblivion in the weeks before) and we’ve decided to give you a quick roundup of everything their impressive new flagships offer. From specs to sizes , to that probably unnecessary focus on 5G, here’s all the quick facts on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

There are four versions of them.

Image Credit: The Verge

It’s a bit of an overkill when you think about it, but there’s FOUR versions of the Galaxy S10. Do we need four? Probably not. But Samsung didn’t let that stop them and created three honestly compelling phones, with the fourth one being a chance to cash in on the buzz around 5G in the US. The galaxy S10 family is made up of:

  • The Galaxy S10

  • The Galaxy S10+

  • The Galaxy S10e

  • The Galaxy S10 5G

And if you’re feeling like that’s at least two phones too many, you’re not the only one. It’s almost like the Galaxy S4 days where that phone came with a mini version, an active version, a zoom version and a few other variations that made you wonder why Samsung didn’t just name the other versions into totally new phones. But, there is a method to their Madness and at least the first three Phones on that list do serve a specific purpose. The standard S10 and S10+ continue Samsung’s now established tradition of two phones a year, with there being a slight difference in features usually based around the camera, battery and storage options. In this case the galaxy S10+ gains that exact leg up over the S10 with an extra front camera , a larger front camera and a near crazy 1TB storage option to go with it’s larger screen size. The S10e is the less expected addition to the family, being a slightly less feature filled version of the S10, that swaps out the in screen ultrasonic fingerprint for a more normal one on the side of the phone, has only two back cameras instead of the three its big brothers boast and (in the one part that definitely pissed me off) lacks the curved infinity display that has become standard on Samsung’s devices for at least the past two years. We get why they did it, after all Samsung’s displays are actually quite pricey and the S10e is meant to be more of a budget flagship that competes with the likes of the iPhone 10R , but the infinity displays have become a trademark for Samsung flagships ,and considering that they probably could theoretically have used a slightly older display to keep the price low, I would have settled for a little less brightness or vibrant colors if they came in that sleek , pebble-like shape that the Galaxy S phones where now synonymous for. Then finally, we have the currently American only S10 5G, an even large version of the S10 plus that doesn’t support Micro SD cards but comes with 512GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM as well as , which it shares with the highest speced 1TB S10+. It’s exclusivity to the USA aside, there really doesn’t seem to be much reason for this S10 to exist, outside of a need to cash in on the hype around 5G of course. Personally, I would have preferred they put all it’s features in the even more exclusive galaxy Fold and leave it at that, but Samsung seems determined to eek out as much money from almost every customer they can with the S10s so you can expect them to try just as hard with this phone too.

The screens on these things are AMAZING

Image Credit: CNET

Samsung has long been known to make phones with amazing screens, and has basically been the screen king for the past few years, but the displays on the S10 family deserve to be put into focus here simply because of how phenomenal they are.This year continues their trend of Infinity displays that curve around the screen and push the very limits of the display’s boundaries. They unfortunately won’t be found on the cheaper S10e , but even it’s display is near bezel-less and more impressive than most other ones out there. Moving on to the hole punch display , or to be more accurate, the Infinity-O Display according to Samsung. Notches where basically the scourge of all other mainstream flagships in 2018, with basically Samsung being the main big company to defy the notch movement largely to say it didn’t follow Apple’s lead. The  Infinity-O display seemingly presented them the perfect way out of their eventual need to shrink their bezels even more than the impressive S8 and S9. But here’s the thing; the Infinity-O display isn’t just a cheap shot at individuality , it’s legitimately maybe one of the greatest things to happen to both Samsung and Android phones in the past few years. Just look at how it fits into the display. Being noticeable yes, but in a way you can admire unlike many a notch. And the cool animation Samsung put into launching the camera is just that extra touch that makes every phone a little cooler.

Image Credit: CNET

There is also the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, a newer kind of in-screen fingerprint scanner that works a little faster and is more reliable than the optical based fingerprint scanners that came before it.It also reads your fingerprint even if it’s wet, which makes more sense for a phone that’s water resistant.

Feature and specs list

Here’s everything the S10 family will offer you:

As we already mentioned the standard S10s come with three back cameras. With the 16MP one being a 123 degree Ultra-wide photo lens whose purpose is near self-explanatory (we’ll show you how it compares to normal shots below) , the first 12MP one being a telephoto(black and white) lens that captures the two colors in greater details and uses software tricks to improve normal color photos. The third lens is your more standard 12MP camera, with no fancy features besides simply great quality to speak of. The dual front camera set up on the S10+ makes it more compelling as the two cameras exist to chase after a feature everyone loves but noone has really perfected: portrait mode. Seeing Samsung’s attempt at perfecting it this year will be interesting, but we have yet to hear a huge reason to be psyched about it. Back to that storage and ram options, 8GB of ram already seems like its plenty for most phones. After all last year’s pixel 3 had 4GB of ram and even though it had software bugs, none of those came from the size of its ram. Yet Samsung pushed the ram on the s10+ all the way up to a whopping 12GB, a RAM count which even most PCs don’t have. It’s really more of a statement piece for power users I would say, as 95% of android’s app portfolio won’t even begin to tap into all that extra horsepower but there are obviously those of us who like having the biggest, most powerful machine around and right now the galaxy S10+ is it. The S10s new features from the rest of it’s family are the real eye catchers, being refinements from tech other companies introduced last year. The PowerShare ability is exactly the same as Huawei’s reverse wireless charging, allowing you to wirelessly charge another phone, though Samsung recommends you do this for accessories like its Galaxy Buds or its new Galaxy Smartwatches.

And that’s about all we can say for now about the Galaxy S10 family. All of them are awesome phones, and a great start to kicking off this year’s flagship smartphones. Of course before we go any further we have to realise that none of these phones are for a more budget-conscious spender. Even in the U.S. the “budget” S10e costs $750.00 (with the S10 and S10+ going for , that’s the same price iPhones used to go for about three years ago, the same iPhones we would buy in Zim for a thousand dollars or so. And let’s not even begin to consider the current economic situation with all these monetary policies flipping everything on its head. But we’re sure someone in this country will get their hands on these, whichever ways they use. In fact, we’re waiting to see how long “boys repa Ximex” take to get their hands on one. And when we get our hands on one, we’ll give you a full review of just how it feels to own Samsung’s newest flagships. Don’t forget to look at some sample shots below.



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